Meet the SKAM Artist: Deux

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DJ Name: Deux

Location: Los Angeles


Brigitte and Jaimee Navarrete are identical twin hip-hop music DJs and producers born and raised in Los Angeles. The duo started learning and being introduced to the music industry in early 2010 when they began interning for a pop music producer. In 2012, after learning to mix and DJ, they christened themselves Deux.

The twins booked their own studio time and learned from their peers while also working as bottle service waitresses in several nightclubs in Hollywood. Brigitte and Jaimee love not only hip-hop but also hospitality, giving them a unique perspective on the bar and nightlife business. Early in 2015 Deux decided to turn a hobby into a career, and by 2016 they signed to SKAM. The duo would tell you that there is "a DJ Mustard trapped in their 5-foot, 2-inch bodies," and they describe their sets as all hip-hop and trap music.


Deux twins standing next to one another - Meet the SKAM Artist

When did you join the SKAM Artist roster? What did it feel like to join SKAM?

We are happy to say we've officially been SKAM Artists for a little over a year. We joined SKAM Artist in March of 2016. We were both super excited and grateful to join SKAM! We were also slightly nervous because we're very familiar with SKAM and friends with some of their other DJs, and knew we had a lot of work ahead of us if we we’re gonna be on the same roster as some really talented artists.

What genres of music are your specialties?

We love any good music. The genre doesn't matter; good music is good music. Our sets are open format but we definitely gravitate to hip-hop and trap music.

What’s something you’re known for as Deux, besides being twins?

We are probably known for our love of hip-hop and the edits we make that we play out. We love to keep the energy high and use Ableton to add drums and drops to make sure our songs really go off in a club sound system.

Please list some of your favorite recent gigs, and why they were favorites.

We have a lot of fun in almost every city we get to visit. We’ve been fortunate enough that everyone we've met has been nice and gracious to us. We prefer warm cities and would probably agree Austin, Denver, Vegas and Miami are our recent favorites. We played the Woodies in Austin: 10 hours of getting to enjoy some of our favorite artists perform live and DJ at the same time. It was awesome! In Denver, we play regularly at Beta Nightclub. We usually leave drenched in our own sweat because the people and the energy there is always to the max! In Vegas we love playing Drai’s Beachclub. It's not like a typical Vegas pool party. It's more booty shaking than headbanging, which us hip-hop heads love. In Miami we've played Wall, LIV and most recently E11EVEN. People like to go out and have fun in Miami so it's always a good time :)

Besides DJing, what other projects are you currently working on?

Mostly everything we work on has to do with DJing. We have really been focused on learning production. From learning Ableton to learning how to use a midi and play chords to create all original sounds, to recording our own voices, to pitch/reverb to make samples, we are getting closer and closer to releasing original music. We have also been working on merch that we are slowly starting to put out and are hoping to turn it into a streetwear brand. We have a lot of other ideas that will surface when our brand grows to where we want it to be.

When performing, what types of bar and nightlife venues do you prefer?

We are happy to DJ anywhere, even our apartment! Obviously we prefer wherever people are down to get sweaty and dance with us!

What are your adult beverages of choice?

We are cheap drunks. Brigitte's drink of choice is a Tito's Vodka and Soda, and Jaimee's is a Corona.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get noticed by SKAM Artist?

Our advice to someone who wants to be a SKAM Artist or a regularly booked DJ in general: put in the time and work, keep your integrity, and don't take shortcuts. And definitely be humble and gracious to everyone you meet. There's no work for the most talented person out there if people don't vibe with you as a person. Be prepared to work even harder once you're signed, keeping up with new music, new edits, new club bangers… Changing and evolving your sets to the best they can be is an everyday job. The work goes in all week, every week. The weekends when you leave to DJ are where the fun happens, even though it's technically "work."

What’s the biggest challenge you face as DJs?

The biggest challenge for us has been remembering to sleep and take care of our health. We try to exercise, eat healthy and get on a good sleeping schedule during the week to help keep us feeling our best.


Deux twins in their custom jackets - Meet the SKAM Artist

Connect with DJs From Mars:

IG: @deuxtwins, @itsssbrigitte, @jaymaaay

Twitter: @deuxtwins, @itsssbrigitte, @jaymaaay

Soundcloud: Deux

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