NCB Bartender of the Month a October

Name: Jackson Cannon

Title & Establishment: Bar Director for Eastern Standard and Bar Director for Island Creek Oyster Bar – opening this month -- both in Boston.

 “No, I did not get a megaphone or a chair with the promotion! But I do get to bartend a few days a week at both places, while instructing the bartenders in my programs, and I do get a lot of opportunities and influence the service staff as well, so it’s all good!”

Recent Gigs:
• Opening Bar Manager for Eastern Standard “I joined the team in February 2005, we opened May 2005.”

• BAR LLC Certified, class of 2009

• Founding member of the Jack Rose Society, Boston

What’s in the Shaker?
“Base spirits I'm working a lot with now are brandy, Cognac, eaux de vie and grappa.”

What You are Sipping?
“My house made rose vermouth!”

What You Are Humming or Dancing to While Mixing?
“Sorry, but Phoenix - Lisztomania just makes me smile.”

Quirks & Quotable
“I'm the original ‘Hello friends’ guy…No, I mean it, I invented that line!
Most people don't know it's because I'm tragically bad at remembering names, which doesn't seem to get better with age, no surprise.”

Pet Peeves about Bartending
“Bartenders who complain about making Mojitos...Get over it, or get out my trade!”

What do you Love about Being in this Business?

“All the little unspoken things I have learned mixing drinks and waiting on people – listening attentively, engaging them, smiling often -- have absolutely informed how I go about managing and training the people I work with every day. I use those same skills when training to ensure they are ready and able to get behind the bar and do the things a good bartender does.

I don't know when first it was said, but Gary Regan once quoted something to me that I often think about: ‘A good bartender makes great drinks, a great bartender mixes the good people at the bar.’”



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