October 2014 Bartender of the Month: Dan Marohnic

Dan Marohnic - October 2014 Bartender of the Month

Name: Daniel Marohnic

Current Position: Mixologist (or better known as Boozologist) at The Laundry Room

Recent Gigs: Raised in Atlanta, Georgia Daniel Marohnic started his career as the lead bartender and corporate trainer for Jillian’s in 2002. He spent only one year working there before making his transition to Sin City. From there he continued working at Jillian’s in Las Vegas until 2005 when he decided to switch to Bartending at Crown & Anchor Pub. While there, Daniel was able to gain more knowledge and background of hand-crafted spirits. He was also able to successfully increase sales through promotional techniques and his direct interactions with the pub’s guests and regular client base. After a year Daniel decided to take his experience and passion for the service and hospitality industry to the Palms Casino Resort where he stayed for the next 8 years, perfecting his talents, knowledge and experience.  He did this by crafting cocktails accurately and efficiently while maintaining a high level of guest satisfaction and developing and maintaining a regular clientele base.

Daniel has obtained a beer server certification through Cicerone and has been recognized by the U.S.B.G. in association with Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada as a “Professional Bartender” as set forth by the International Bartenders Association.

Why did you become a bartender?
I started out in the industry in the late 90’s. While working on vintage instruments, I picked up bar shifts to help supplement my income. It was an instant match. At that time, I had no idea it would lead to such a creative outlet. Here we are many years later, and I can’t believe I've been given the opportunity to run an award winning cocktail bar in Las Vegas while having the creative freedom to write menus for multiple venues.

What are some of your favorite flavors?
In the summer season, I try to maintain a refreshing balance while making the drinks more exciting for my guests. For example, pairing cooling flavors like watermelon or cucumber with spicy ingredients such as habanero can help amp up the flavor profile. Once fall hits, I’ll trade in the hot spices for some baking spice.

What are you doing different from the norm?
I am always looking for new flavors to help enhance the classics. Lately, I have been working with cold-pressed juices. I really like some of the bold, earthy flavors that can be extracted. There is nothing quite like fresh turmeric juice in a frothy sour!

What’s in the mixing glass or shaker for your customers?
It’s different for everyone. I try and cater to the palate of the individual by gauging their level of intensity and testing it. I attempt to raise the bar with each cocktail. Also, I try to keep in mind that cravings can change from one drink to the next.

What are you sipping on and why?
Aged rums. The broad range of flavors these rums have to offer are a tremendous value right now compared to other spirits. Drink up! This won’t last forever.

What are you dancing to while mixing?
Since I run a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, when the piano player isn't taking requests, I’ll put on some Delta Blues and maybe blend in some Folk or Americana.

What are some quirks/quotes you are known for?
You’ll just have to come to The Laundry Room to witness that. From glorious outbursts to the ridiculous banter between myself and the hostess, you will surely be entertained.

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