Operators, How Much Alcohol Does Your State Consume?

Image: smodj / iStock / Getty Images Plus; Infographic: VinePair

I have a simple but important question for you:

In what state do you operate your bar, nightclub or restaurant?

I only ask because some states consume higher quantities of alcohol than others. And last I checked, if you sell beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, you need a customer base that will support your business and, well, give you money for all that beverage alcohol. This will impact those of you considering expanding into new markets, along with those of you considering opening your first bar, nightclub or restaurant.


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VinePair, well-known and respected beverage alcohol educators, recently drank in the data of several annual alcohol surveys, reports and studies. After they crunched the numbers they created the infographic you'll find below. Take a look to learn the five states with the highest alcohol consumption, the five states with the lowest alcohol consumption, and where the state (or states) in which you operate ranks.

Depending on what type of operator you may be, red ocean or blue ocean, there are several ways to use this information. A state with high consumption per capita is a target-rich market. More guests consuming more adult drinks per visit means more sales and/or higher check averages. However, that brings with it the need to stand out due to fierce competition for guests.

A low-consumption state presents its own opportunities and challenges. An establishment that stands out from the competition has the opportunity to build a large, loyal customer base. However, it can prove challenging to increase sales and check averages. Maintaining a positive public perception can also be a challenge in a state with low alcohol consumption.

Regardless of the per capita gallons of ethanol consumed in your state, responsible service is of the utmost importance. So, take a look at the VinePair map and let us know where your state ranks!

VinePair United States alcohol consumption infographic

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