ROI Checker - Research Collaboration Impacting the Restaurant Industry

Collaboration focuses on improving knowledge regarding influence of social networks and individuals on dietary customs, microeconomic attitudes, and brand loyalty

Tysons Corner, VA & New Haven, CT -- ROI Checker, an artificial intelligence platform owned by Smart Data Track, LLC, a private company located in Northern Virginia, and the Human Nature Lab at Yale University announced today the beginning of a collaborative research project. The project is designed to improve and advance the knowledge of social networks formation and their influence on the individuals participating in them, in applied settings.

“We are pleased to enter into this agreement with the Human Nature Lab,” Lucas E. Wall, CEO and Founder of ROI Checker said. He added: “We value scientific progress and are very excited to be able to help to evaluate new hypotheses in the social networks field with the contribution of part of our big-data repositories. The outcome of this collaboration will advance not only Dr. Nicholas Christakis' work on social influence and social contagion but also our effort to train artificial intelligence to explain and predict those two effects, among others. We believe these subjects have the ability to advance the general well-being of our society and look forward to sharing the results publicly.”

The collaboration is consistent with the Human Nature Lab work, which takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding human social behavior. The laboratory integrates biological and social approaches to human nature, in what it is called biosocial science.

"We are excited to start this collaboration with the ROI Checker Artificial Intelligence Platform," said Christakis, the Director of the lab. "People are interconnected, and so is their health and well-being. This collaboration with ROI Checker allows us to study how human tastes for food spread through social networks, and whether a social connection can change our eating practices, or make us more generous."

As part of this agreement, ROI Checker contributes a unique dataset containing primary longitudinal behavioral observations regarding consumption, financial attitudes, dietary habits, and social network formations. This unusual dataset is made possible by ROI Checker because of its proven expertise in dealing with big data extraction, data cleaning, data preparation, data analysis as well as modern data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


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