September 2015 Bartender of the Month: Jeremy Strawn

Name: Jeremy Strawn

Establishment: Head Mixologist and Bartender at Lazy Point in NYC

Recent Gigs:  After relocating to New York City from Texas, Strawn began working at nightclubs and bars, learning the ropes and earning his stripes as a skillful barman.  It was during his time at The Back Room that Strawn met the renowned Alex Day who took him under his wing and became his mentor at Death & Co., giving him serious bar and cocktail education.  Strawn has since worked with Matty Gee of Milk & Honey, Jim Kearns of Mayahuel and Rye House, Cory Mason of Freemans and Smith and Mills and Jason Litrell of Death & Co. and Dram.  He has also led his own cocktail programs at Bistrot Bagatelle, The Standard Hotel, Trump Hotels, MPD, One Group and Day and Night.  In 2011, Strawn and Nick Boccio opened their own bar, Mulberry Project in New York's Little Italy.   

Why did you become a bartender? 

Well I went to school for philosophy, so I was either going to be a really good bartender or sell roses on the freeway with a really thought provoking sign.

What are some fun flavors you’re working with?

Celery juice, beer juice and bone marrow are some of my favorite mixtures. 

What are you doing different from the norm in your beverages?  

I guess I am streamlining the complicated mixology process of craft cocktails through rigorous prep. This way, patrons aren’t waiting a long time during high volume situations. Also, I’m focusing on making spirits taste like they are healthy for you, like with the Beets By Dre at Lazy Point made with fresh beet juice.

What’s the next hot trend in mixology?

I think the next big industry trend will be mixology utilizing ingredients more likely to be scene in a pressed juice than a cocktail. I think we will soon start to see more alcohol beverages mixed with healthy ingredients, such as celery, beet, carrot, kale, shrubs, etc.

What excites you about beer trends right now?

At the moment, beer has really peeked my interest, especially because one of my best friends is a master brewer. When we get together, we spend the majority of the time drinking beer and talking about it. I love the fact that beer is now going bitter, from IPA to new pilsners.  I am a bitter beer guy. I just find bitter and crisp more refreshing and drinkable, so I am very excited about beer moving in a bitter direction.  

What’s in the mixing glass or shaker for your customers?  

Booze!!!  Typically, if I have customer that asks what they should drink, I start them off with a very classic gin martini up with lemon zest. Then, we move on from there.

What are you sipping on and why? 

I am a simple man, so I usually can be found sipping on any type rye whiskey. I tend to lean towards Rittenhouse, but lately I have been leaning towards Applejack.

What are you dancing to while mixing?  

A song called “Rock the Night” by a band called Europe has been very good to my mixology lately. 

What are some quirks/quotes you are known for?  

When I am behind the bar and people act as if I must serve them immediately, then they have no idea what they want to order, I respond with: “It’s ok; I remember my first time at a bar.”

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