September Bartender of the Month: Misty Kalkofen

Misty KalkofenName: Misty Kalkofen

Establishment Name: Drink in Boston

Recent Gigs: With 16 years of restaurant and bar experience in the Boston area, Kalkofen spent more than two years as bar manager at Green Street in Cambridge, Mass., before she took a bartending job at Drink when it opened in October 2008, and she's been there ever since.

What's in the Shaker: “Anyone who has been with me in a bar, whether with me behind it or in front of it, knows that I love mezcal. It's a spirit that speaks to me on many levels, not just in my shaker but through it's rich history within the indigenous cultures of Mexico.”

What You're Sipping & Why: “I guess I could say 'See the above answer.' I'm usually excited to mix with what I'm drinking. I love mezcal for sipping. The category offers such an amazing diversity that I can take four different sips from four randomly chosen bottles in my collection, and I have four completely different experiences.”

What You are Dancing to while Mixing: “It always depends on my mood, but I prefer mixes that have songs to which I know every word. The apprentices at Drink know that I love to sing while I work. Sometimes it's Motown, sometimes it's an ‘80s mix or my 13-hour mix of one-hit wonders, or The Jackson Five and everything else from when I used to work Sunday brunches at the B-Side [Lounge]. I don't really care as long as it propels me and makes everyone happy, including the guests and staff.”

Quirks & Quotable: “Most important life lesson ... every person you encounter has something to teach you. Sometimes it comes in the most unexpected way, and sometimes you don't realize you've learned something from that chance encounter until much later. Live with an open heart, both in the bar and outside of it.”