Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Partners with Coravin, Inc. for On-Trade Sales

Coravin Model Two Elite in red. Image source: Coravin, Inc. (via Facebook)

Company will represent and sell the Coravin Systems, Capsules and accessories to on-trade customers in 18 states.


MIAMI & DALLAS — Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits – the largest North American wine and spirits distribution company – has announced it has become the preferred on-trade sales partner for the Coravin® Wine System, a revolutionary technology that enables users to pour a glass of wine without pulling the cork. Restaurant customers in 18 states will now be able to order Coravin Systems and accessories at competitive wholesale prices through their local Southern Glazer’s sales representatives.


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Coravin uses proprietary patented technology to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork. For bars and restaurants, this allows them to expand their by-the-glass offerings and provide guests with unique wine tastings and pairings, all without any waste or compromise in wine quality.

“This is an incredible sales tool for Southern Glazer’s restaurant customers,” commented Steve Slater, executive vice president and general manager of the company’s Corporate Wine Division. “By using the Coravin Wine System, our customers can offer tastes and glasses of countless wines that guests otherwise would never expect to see sold by the glass. Offering the Coravin Wine System as part of our broader wine portfolio is one more thing that sets us apart from any other distributor and reinforces our leadership in wine sales.”

As restaurants look for new ways to increase guest satisfaction by providing unique experiences, Coravin allows them to develop creative by the glass offerings that cater to people’s desires to experience a variety of wines in an exclusive and memorable way.

“How many people ever get a chance to taste a ‘perfect,’ 100-point rated wine?” added Mel Dick, senior vice president of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and president of the company’s Wine Division. “Coravin enables wine lovers to expand their palates and experience rare, super premium wines that beforehand, may have been out of reach.”

“Thousands of restaurants have already adopted Coravin to power their wine programs. Southern Glazer’s has an outstanding reputation for sales, service and results which makes it the perfect partner to help bring Coravin wine by the glass lists to even more restaurants all over the country,” said Frédéric Levy, CEO of Coravin, Inc.

Restaurant customers who purchase the Coravin Wine System can also work with their Southern Glazer’s sales representatives on selecting the right mix of wines for the Coravin list, training staff on using Coravin to enhance guests’ experiences, and even printing custom wine lists to highlight their Coravin offerings. Coravin products will be available to Southern Glazer’s customers in the following states: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee (Memphis area only), Utah, and Washington.

Southern Glazer’s has more certified wine experts than any other North American wine and spirits distributor. Its employees have successfully completed more than 3,500 wine, sake and spirits education programs, from introductory to master-level achievements. These include:

  • Over 1,100 Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) wine & spirits certifications;
  • 19 WSET Level 3 Awards in Sake;
  • 1,600 Level 1 Court of Master Sommeliers®;
  • 117 CMS Certified Sommeliers;
  • 20 CMS Advanced Sommeliers;
  • 15 Master Sommeliers®;
  • Over 600 Certified Specialists of Wine (CSW);
  • 16 Certified Wine Educators (CWE); and
  • 117 Certified Specialists of Spirits (CSS).


About Coravin, Inc.

Coravin, Inc. is a privately held company located in Burlington, Massachusetts focused on transforming the way wine is served, sold and enjoyed. Coravin designs and markets the Coravin Wine System for wine enthusiasts, restaurants, wine stores and wineries. Unparalleled in craftsmanship and design, Coravin uses proprietary patented technology to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork. Wine enthusiasts can now enjoy wine sealed with corks without feeling the need to commit to the whole bottle, allowing them to enjoy any wine, any time – whether they want a sip, a glass, or more. After enjoying a glass, the remaining wine in the bottle will be perfectly preserved for weeks, months, or even years. For more information, please visit

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