Survey: Your Opinion On Tipping is Wanted!

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The elimination of tipping continues to be a hot topic. Some see it as a dangerous trend, while others see it as barely a fad. There are those who view it as an experiment and those who believe that the venues “banning” the leaving of tips are simply attempting a PR maneuver. And, of course, there are the service workers themselves who land on various sides of the issue: Some find it threatening, some prefer it, and some shrug it off, believing that it’s never going to become the standard.

What’s your opinion?

Your view on this topic is important to us, and to Johnson & Wales University. We’ve partnered with JWU to gather the perceptions of all who are involved with – and affected by – the voluntary tipping model, and the relationship of motivation between the server and the customer. How is tipping perceived by service customers? By service workers? By service managers, owners and operators? How do all involved view the potential impact of the elimination of tipping from the hospitality industry model?

Please take a moment to let us know your thoughts on the implications of eliminating tipping in the hospitality industry. This survey will only take 3 minutes of your time!

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The brief survey questionnaire will provide us with important information regarding the issues and implications surrounding the elimination of tipping. Our goal is to better understand present tipping practices and to generate recommendations for the industry that will help stakeholders better understand the consequences of eliminating tipping as a voluntary practice.

Your responses will remain confidential and your participation in this research implies your consent. We appreciate your feedback and insights!

In Partnership with:
Professors Brian Warrener & Paul Bagdan, PhD.

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