SVEDKA Rosé All Day


Newsflash: Millennials of legal drinking age love rosé.

Okay, that isn’t news. LDA Millennials and their affinity for pink still and sparkling wines is well known. At this point, referring to the popularity of and demand for rosé year-round as a mere “trend” is insultingly dismissive.

What is news, however, is SVEDKA’s latest announcement. According to 2018 Beverage Information Group Liquor Handbook, SVEDKA is the number-one imported vodka brand in the U.S. Their latest flavored offering may keep them in the top slot.


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SVEDKA Rosé vodka is an innovative amalgamation of the spirits and wine worlds, made with 5 percent rosé wine. On the nose, aromas of vibrant fruit. On the palate, strawberry and pineapple flavors are accented by a hibiscus note.

Notably, this expression is the first from SVEDKA to be bottled in a clear glass container. The packaging, which makes use of gold accents, is intended to showcase the pink liquid inside.

Accompanying SVEDKA Rosé’s launch is a bold, mischievous advertising campaign, including taglines like, “Not Wine, Not Sorry,” and “Vodka with a Wine Fetish.” Expect this vodka to be big this spring and summer.

Suggested retail pricing for SVEDKA Rosé, available nationwide in February, are as follows: $1.99/50ml, $6.99/375ml, $12.99/750ml, $16.99/1L, and $21.99/1.75L.

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