Two Brothers Artisan Brewing: Celebrating 20 Years of Chicago Craft

Two Brothers Brewing Co. has hit the two-decade mark!

The award-winning Chicagoland craft beer pioneer brings more innovation, brews and news; embraces Twenty-Plus years of accomplishment.

WARRENVILLE, IL — It all began in the fall of 1996, when the craft beer industry was just beginning. Two Brothers Brewing Company got its start in Chicagoland with the goal of creating signature craft beers inspired by many of the great breweries brothers and co-founders Jim and Jason Ebel experienced while traveling Europe. In 1997, Two Brothers launched its first beer and has been growing and evolving ever since. Today, as a lifestyle brand, Two Brothers is looking toward its 20th anniversary as the company celebrates two decades of constant innovation and strong influence in the craft beer world. For Two Brothers, this 20th Anniversary is not only about looking back, but is an opportunity to look forward to new products, new categories, and new ventures that align with its passions, all while remaining a leader in making high-quality, award-winning craft beer.

Twenty years of Chicago craft and just getting started, Two Brothers has more exciting plans on the horizon while keeping their core values at the forefront of their business. Jason Ebel, co-founder of Two Brothers Brewing Company, explains, “We’re proud of our history and our craft beer legacy, but as a lifestyle brand we’re about so much more than just great tasting beer.”

Jason and Jim Ebel helped revolutionize the industry by introducing new, now widely popular, beer varieties. That same pioneering spirit remains a core value of the company today and has led Two Brothers to extend its passion for craft into several other successful initiatives, including Two Brothers Coffee Roasters, four successful restaurants and the upcoming Two Brothers Artisan Spirits that will premier later this year. Distilling with the same high-quality taste and commitment to their standards, Two Brothers Artisan Spirits will produce small-batch spirits in their soon-to-be installed three-column, eco-conscious, hybrid still that will be housed at the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL.

In addition, Two Brothers Brewing Company recently installed a high-tech coffee roaster to accommodate the 120,000 pounds of artisan coffee produced annually and also announced the purchase of 20-plus acres in their hometown of Warrenville, IL with plans to house a new state-of-the-art brewing facility and home-office campus.

Ebel proudly says, “Our motto has always been, ‘Follow Your Passion, Drink Ours’. For us, it’s not about jumping on board to the latest trend. It’s about staying true to what makes us who we are, being 100% family owned and staunchly independent. Following our passion is what has led us to where we are after these first 20 years and will be what drives us forward.”


About Two Brothers Brewing Company

Two Brothers Brewing Company was founded by Jim and Jason Ebel in late 1996. In the past 20 years, the brand has expanded to include a 40,000-square-foot brewing facility in Warrenville, Illinois, Two Brothers Tap House adjacent to the brewery, the 70,000-square-foot Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, Two Brothers Tap House and Brewery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and most recently, The Craftsman by Two Brothers in downtown Naperville, Illinois. Two Brothers Brewing Company offers eight year-round beers, 12 seasonals and a number of artisan project releases throughout the year. Other Two Brothers ventures include Two Brothers Coffee Roasters, Arizona Beer and Cider distribution company out of Phoenix, Arizona. Producing award-winning products with equal parts craftsmanship, creativity and conscience, Two Brothers Brewing Company remains 100% family owned and staunchly independent.

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