VIDEO: 2018 Nightclub & Bar Show Conference Preview

Nightclub & Bar Show attendees participating in an education session.

The Nightclub & Bar Show Conference Program is the only program designed to meet the needs and challenges of bar owners, operators and professionals looking to get ahead in the industry. Featuring multiple tracks, in-depth workshops, offsite trainings and more! But you don't have to take our word for it:


"Just walking the show floor you get to see the products, but attending the conferences you get to hear great insights, leadership ideas, and fantastic information from other experts in the industry. Nightclub & Bar Show is important to the industry as a whole... It's really the one hub that takes care of the nightclub and bar industry."  – Clay Moizo (VP, Icon Hospitality Group)


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"I've always appreciated the educational seminars... This is always why I come and participate and actually present a seminar each year. You just see different people coming from different perspectives, perspectives probably outside of your own bubble, which is great just to broaden your own perspective and understanding of the industry."  – Charlotte Voisey (Portfolio ambassador, William Grant & Sons)

"Nightclub & Bar is the place to be every single year if you want to take your business to the next level." – Chef Brian Duffy (Founder, Duffified Experience Group)

"There's no other show like this, where you pick how you want to learn and it's there for you." – David Scott Peters (Owner,


Watch the video below to learn more. We'll see you in Las Vegas in March!


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