What’s Shakin’ in the Bar & Nightlife Business: Week of August 14

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Bar, nightclub and restaurant operators, managers, bartenders and other staff members have a lot to keep tabs on. From every day operations tasks to new product releases to spirit, beer, wine, cocktail and food trends, keeping on top of bar and nightlife news each week can be a project in and of itself.

That’s where we come in. To make things that much easier for you we’ve put together a detailed rundown of what happened this week that you should know. You need to know what international products are finally being distributed throughout America, what innovations are being made in glassware and bar and kitchen products, what and when music streaming services are featuring a new album, and so much more. In life, knowledge is power. In this business, knowledge is dollars.


When two beverage trends collide.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Rogue Ales & Spirits Cold Brew IPA - What's Shakin' week of August 14
Attribution/Copyrights: Rogue Ales & Spirits

Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Rogue Ales & Spirits have teamed up, and the world is a better place for it. Rogue Farms hops are being blended with Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee to create Rogue Cold Brew IPA. The entry to this unique experience is characterized by bright, citrusy coffee flavor that evolve into crisp, dank notes from the hops. Rogue Cold Brew IPA is available now nationwide on draft, in 16-oz. cans, and in 22-oz. bottles. Use the Rogue Beer Finder to find it near you!


American single malt whiskey on the move.

Virginia Distillery Co. Port Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky expands into new states - What's Shakin' week of August 14
Attribution/Copyrights: Virginia Distillery Co.

Even those with just a passing interest in whiskey are aware that the demand for American single malt is on the rise. However, it can be difficult to stock your bar or restaurant with these specialized whiskeys due to batch sizes, distribution and allotments. Luckily, Virginia Distillery Company, initially available only in Virginia and Oklahoma and online, has announced that its award-winning Port Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky is now available in bars, restaurants and stores in more states. You can now find this distillery’s offerings in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Washington, DC. This bodes well for operators and the future of American single malt whiskey since Virginia Distillery Company has additional expressions in the works.


Tilling the Buckeye State.

Till American Wheat Vodka expands into Ohio - What's Shakin' week of August 14
Attribution/Copyrights: Till American Wheat Vodka

Following on the heels of their expansion to Minnesota, Till American Wheat Vodka is now available in Ohio. Made using the highest quality Kansas wheat, this American vodka has been steadily expanding throughout the Midwest. Connect with Till Vodka via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. And while you’re following the brand’s expansion, check out their cocktail recipes.


CÎROC Celebrates Global Launch of CÎROC French Vanilla

CÎROC French Vanilla ultra-premium vodka to launch in October 2017 - What's Shakin' week of August 14
Attribution/Copyrights: Diageo

CÎROC has added a new expression to their lineup of luxury ultra-premium vodkas. Considering the fact that CÎROC isn’t given to the rapid-fire addition of new flavors, this is big news. CÎROC French Vanilla is rich, creamy and smooth, and the new expression is also versatile and well suited to the creation of trendy cocktails. For instance, the Porn Star Martini has been trending in several markets as of late, and CÎROC French Vanilla elevates this popular cocktail. The rollout of CÎROC French Vanilla will being in October, so let your reps know now that you want to add it to your inventory.

CÎROC-Star Martini

Recipe and image courtesy of Diageo

  • 35ml CÎROC French Vanilla
  • 15ml Passionfruit Syrup
  • 10ml Rhubarb Aperitif
  • 25ml White Peach Puree
  • 5ml Lemon Juice
  • 50ml Champagne (on the side)
  • Martini glass/ straight up / shake and fine strain
  • Garnished with half a passionfruit floated in the drink.

All ingredients except for the champagne are added to a Boston tin with ice, shaken and fine strained into a large martini glass. The champagne is then poured into a shot glass which is served alongside.


Happy birthday, Mr. Brown!

Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 2017 Birthday Bourbon - What's Shakin' week of August 14
Attribution/Copyrights: Brown-Forman Distillers

The 17th release of Old Forester’s Birthday Bourbon will occur in September. This annual expression is a limited-edition homage to Old Forester founder George Gavin Brown, whose birthday is September 2nd. This year’s edition of Birthday Bourbon is a very spice-forward expression rounded out with sweetness, chocolate custard and kola nut, finishing with spice that fades away to reveal floral undertones and cocoa powder. A 95.4-proof version will be available in Florida and Georgia, while the rest of the United States will have access to a 96-proof version. The state of Kentucky will receive both versions. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to celebrate George Garvin Brown’s birthday at your bar with this bottle... In fact, you can celebrate his birthday all September long in conjunction with National Bourbon Heritage Month.


Chill out, and stay chilled out.

KE2 Therm Solutions announces KE2 LDA - What's Shakin' week of August 14
Attribution/Copyrights: KE2 Therm Solutions

The failure of refrigeration equipment can be catastrophic, costing you money in lost product, repairs, equipment replacement, and cleanup. In the worst cases, you could be forced to keep your door closed, losing out on at least one daypart’s revenue. KE2 Therm Solutions seeks to make these situations a thing of the past, and in an affordable way. Their new KE2 LDA – which stands for Local Area Dashboard & Alarms – communicates to KE2 Therm refrigeration controllers that are connected to the same network. The LDA finds the controllers automatically and then displays them on a dashboard that can be customized. Each of the controllers can be linked to recipients who will be alerted via text messages or emails should an issue arise. Seems like a no-brainer to us!

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