What’s Shakin’ in the Bar & Nightlife Business: Week of July 31

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Bar, nightclub and restaurant operators, managers, bartenders and other staff members have a lot to keep tabs on. From every day operations tasks to new product releases to spirit, beer, wine, cocktail and food trends, keeping on top of bar and nightlife news each week can be a project in and of itself.

That’s where we come in. To make things that much easier for you we’ve put together a detailed rundown of what happened this week that you should know. You need to know what international products are finally being distributed throughout America, what innovations are being made in glassware and bar and kitchen products, what and when music streaming services are featuring a new album, and so much more. In life, knowledge is power. In this business, knowledge is dollars.


Go to Brazil and learn about cachaça without ever stepping foot on a plane, train or automobile.

Novo Fogo Why Cachaça Matters webinar series - What's Shakin' week of July 31
The Novo Fogo distillery. Attribution/Copyrights: Novo Fogo

If you’ve wanted to learn more about cachaça you won’t want to miss out on the first of an immersive three-part webinar series hosted by Novo Fogo. Each webinar will give those who participate a look at the cane fields and the distillery, provide information about cachaça, Novo Fogo and Brazil, and immerse participants in the distillery itself. The webinars will be broadcast on Novo Fogo’s Facebook page and can be accessed via any device, and you’ll be able to ask questions. Mark Tuesday, August 8 at 11:00AM PST on your calendars!


Limited edition and legendary.

Four limited-release artisanal mezcal expressions from Mezcales de Leyenda will each benefit specific social or environmental causes. The brand bills their collection as “the most complete and diverse collection of artisanal mezcales,” and these expressions certainly provide strong evidence of that claim. These hyper-small batch releases will appeal to serious mezcal bar owners, managers and bartenders, mezcal aficionados, and collectors of fine, rare spirits.

Mezcales de Leyenda Grandes Leyendas Don Anastacio hyper small batch mezcal - What's Shakin' week of July 31
Attributions/Copyrights: Mezcales de Leyenda
The first expression from the Grandes Leyendas series was created by Don Anastacio, and it pays homage to master mezcaleros who are over the age of 70. This mezcal is made using wild agave cupreata from northern Guerrero, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Don Anastacio and his family directly.
Mezcales de Leyenda Mezcales Únicos Montana hyper small batch mezcal - What's Shakin' week of July 31
Another limited-release series from Mezcales de Leyenda is Mezcales Únicos Montana. The first release is made with agave montana from a hidden valley in the Sierra Madre Oriental. A portion of the proceeds from this particular expression will be donated to help cultivate and conserve agave montana.
Mezcales de Leyenda Reservas de la Biosfera Cuicatlán Tehuacán hyper small batch mezcal - What's Shakin' week of July 31
The Reservas de la Biosfera series is dedicated to important Mexican national parks, and the first release is named for a reserve called Tehuacán-Cuicatlán. Reservas de la Biosfera Cuicatlán Tehuacán is produced in collaboration with the Ortega family, master mezcaleros from the region. Featuring a base of regional magueys, agave marmorata and agave macrocantha, the proceeds from its sale will be donated to the conservation of regional cacti in collaboration with local groups.
Mezcales de Leyenda Cementerio Mezcalero hyper small batch mezcal - What's Shakin' week of July 31
Finally, Mezcales de Leyenda will donate a portion of the proceeds from Cementerio Mezcalero to purchase tourism equipment of Tzitzio, Michoacán, in order to promote mezcal unearthing, which normally takes place during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. You see, some of the best mezcals in the world are aged in glass underground, unearthed at a later date for family celebrations.


UFC Champion Conor McGregor, Las Vegas nightclub host.

Conor McGregor hosting residency at Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub - What's Shakin' week of July 31

In case you missed it, current UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor and Wynn nightlife have inked a deal for a hosting residency. The Notorious One will host four fight night after parties at Encore Beach Club (and therefore Surrender) and XS Nightclub over the next two years. The kicker, or punch, as it were, is that he’ll start his new gig on August 26. Astute fight fans will recognize that as the date the Irish fight phenom faces Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in the ring at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Follow this link for more on the story.


More rye, please!

J.P. Wiser's increases rye content to 60 percent for J.P. Wiser's Rye blended Canadian whisky - What's Shakin' week of July 31
Attribution/Copyrights: J.P. Wiser's / Pernod Ricard

J.P. Wiser’s, the oldest continuously produced Canadian whisky, has imbued their rye with even more flavor. The new recipe increases the amount of rye to 60 percent, and to balance the bold character three types of barrels – Canadian whisky, American bourbon, and virgin oak – are used to mature the liquid. After it has been aged for the right amount of time, it’s blended and J.P. Wiser’s Rye is born. This smooth Canadian whisky is characterized by spice, sweet corn and coconut on the nose, with tangy rye and rich corn on the palate. This adjustment in recipe comes just in time to take advantage of renewed and growing interest in rye whiskies.


Portland single malt.

House Spirits Distillery Westward American Single Malt whiskey now available nationwide - What's Shakin' week of July 31
Attribution/Copyrights: House Spirits Distillery

Portland-based House Spirits Distillery, in operation for more than a decade, has announced an intriguing development. The distillery’s Westward American Single Malt whiskey is now available nationwide! Those operating outside of Oregon can now offer their guests this American single malt double pot-distilled whiskey made from 100% northwest two-row pale malted barley that’s aged in full-size, new charred American oak barrels. The result is a whiskey with fruit, brown sugar and vanilla on the nose, lush fruit, sweet malt and baking spice on the palate, and tobacco, dark chocolate, leather, oak sweetness, and stone fruit on the finish.  made from, known for bright, spicy and fruity notes.


American gin? We’re in!

Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. American Dry Gin and American Old Tom Gin - What's Shakin' week of July 31
Attribution/Copyrights: Copper & Kings American Brandy Co.

Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. has revealed their plans to release two copper pot-distilled gins. Their American Dry Gin utilizes an apple brandy base, while their American Old Tom Gin will use grape brandy. The Louisville, KY distillery gives both gins the double-distillation treatment. Neither the American Dry Gin nor the American Old Tom Gin are chill filtered, and neither use neutral spirits, added flavors or added colors after distillation. The results are two complex American gins with concentrated botanical flavors.

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