What’s Shakin’ in the Bar & Nightlife Business: Week of May 22

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Bar, nightclub and restaurant operators, managers, bartenders and other staff members have a lot to keep tabs on. From every day operations tasks to new product releases to spirit, beer, wine, cocktail and food trends, keeping on top of bar and nightlife news each week can be a project in and of itself.

That’s where we come in. To make things that much easier for you we’ve put together a detailed rundown of what happened this week that you should know. You need to know what international products are finally being distributed throughout America, what innovations are being made in glassware and bar and kitchen products, what and when music streaming services are featuring a new album, and so much more. In life, knowledge is power. In this business, knowledge is dollars.


American Pisco from San Francisco.

North Channel Distillery Frísco - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: North Channel Distillery

North Channel Distillery, located in San Francisco, has announced the debut of Frísco. This craft spirit, distilled from wine made from California grapes, is inspired by Pisco, the spirit native to both Chile and Peru. Frísco (45% ABV) is modern, produced locally, double distilled on a copper pot still in small batches, mellowed via charcoal, and speaks to today’s globally minded consumer.


Infuse your booze instantly…and then carbonate it.

Host Studios Alchemix infusion and carbonation device as seen on Kickstarter - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: Host Studios

Host Studios is known for innovative cocktail products, and they’re proud to introduce you to Alchemix. This unique bar tool allows users to infuse the spirit or liqueur of their choice instantly, and then carbonate it. The super compact, whisper-quiet Alchemix will probably become your new bar tool obsession since it’s fun, turns beverages into experiences, and is simple to use. How simple? Just add your ingredients to Alchemix, close the lid, and the device releases high-pressure, food-safe gas which dissolves and penetrates on the molecular level.


Love wins.

SMIRNOFF vodka limited edition Love Wins bottle donations to Human Rights Campaign HRC - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: SMIRNOFF

The makers of SMIRNOFF have announced the launch of their new “Love Wins” bottle packaging for No. 21 vodka. The limited edition bottle celebrates inclusivity, acceptance and love, and $1 will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign for every bottle made. The SMIRNOFF brand has announced that a minimum donation of $260,000 will be made to the HRC, the largest organization in the United States of America working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality. SMIRNOFF asks that couples over the age of 25 submit their photos to a microsite for the opportunity to be featured on the next bottle packaging design in 2018. Every eligible photo submitted between May 23 and September 30 will equal a donation of an additional $1 per photo to the HRC (up to $10,000).


Win-Win: Drink beer, raise money for future brewers and distillers.

Rogue Ales & Spirits Hot Tub Scholarship Lager Jack Joyce fund - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: Rogue Ales & Spirits

Rogue Ales & Spirits will donate 10% of the sales from Hot Tub Scholarship Lager, a German-style helles lager, to the Jack Joyce Scholarship Fund. The fund was established in honor of Rogue Ales’ founder and is intended to further the educations of the next generation of brewers and distillers. Since its establishment in 2014, the Jack Joyce Scholarship Fund has awarded $185,000 to 15 Oregon State University’s Fermentation Sciences program students to help them pay for their educations. Rogue’s Hot Tub Scholarship Lager is available now through the end of September, and you can find it using the brewer’s Beer Finder.


Celebrate America’s service men and women.

Budweiser Camouflage America bottles and cans donations to Folds of Honor - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: Budweiser

Budweiser will be extending their lineup of patriotic packaging this summer. Be on the lookout for the brewer’s now-iconic aluminum America bottles and cans donning military-inspired camouflage. Partnering with Folds of Honor for the sixth consecutive year, Budweiser has set the goal of raising $1 million to raise funds and provide educational scholarships for the families of fallen and disabled service men and women. This partnership has been in place since 2011, and Budweiser has so far donated $11 million to Folds of Honor. Budweiser’s Camouflage bottles of cans are available now through the 4th of July.


A partnership inspired by art, culture and rum.

Ron Barceló limited edition Ruben Ubiera Añejo rum bottle - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: Ron Barceló

Dominican rum producer Ron Barceló has collaborated with neo-figurative artist Ruben Ubiera. The partnership resulted in a limited edition bottle created for Barceló Añejo Rum. Ubiera’s interpretation of Dominican culture, music and personality translates to a beautiful bottle that will enhance your back bar, and it’s sure to inspire conversation with guests (along with sales).


And a partnership based on Prohibition.

Dogfish Head Sonic Archeology bottled Prohibition-inspired cocktail - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head has partnered with Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings to create and release a bottled Prohibition-inspired cocktail. Sonic Archeology is described as a “cocktail artifact,” and it’s made by blending Dogfish head whiskey, rum and apple brandy with real lime and pomegranate juices. This special release was inspired by the multi-part documentary American Epic, which delves into the musical journey of the Roaring Twenties.


Just when you thought you had social media down…

Yummi social media app and foodprint platform - What's Shakin' week of May 22, 2017
Attribution/Copyrights: Yummi

…a platform that’s best described as a cross between Yelp and Instagram has gone live. With the goal in mind of helping users track, recall and share their food experiences, Yummi is a social media platform that serves as a sort of food diary. Unlike other apps, Yummi’s profile content is displayed and organized chronologically, the images are time stamped accurately, and content is displayed in a historical timeline. This new app also utilizes what it calls “foodprints,” which are regular images that are geotagged and catalogued to a particular cuisine. Expect your guests to be using Yummi, and learn how to use it yourself. To download it for iOS, click here; Android users, follow this link.

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