Your Favorite Posts of 2018

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As we wave farewell to 2018 and look toward the New Year we want to take a moment to reflect on the past 12 months.

When we look at the most popular articles published this year we see what resonated with you the most. Staff management, opening a new venue, strengthening management, improving as a leader, menu programming, and boosting revenue were among the top subjects for this year. Below you’ll find a list of the top 18 (yes, for 2018—aren’t we clever?) posts of 2018.

As we close out the year and prepare for 2019, let’s finish strong and keep that momentum through next year. We're honored that you trust us to bring you top-level, actionable operation advice. Thank you. We’re looking forward to continuing this journey with you next year and we hope to see you in Las Vegas from March 25 through March 27 for the 2019 Nightclub & Bar Show. Cheers!

Top 2018 Nightclub & Bar Articles

  1. Never Say These 3 Things to Your Staff
  2. Bar on a Budget, Part 1: The Big Question
  3. Meet the Scotch Master Overseeing a $3 Million Whisky Inventory
  4. The 3 Big Problems with New Restaurant Managers
  5. World Class Cocktail Trends for 2019
  6. 4 Bar and Restaurant Marketing Myths Busted
  7. Immersive Technology: The New Trend in Nightlife
  8. 4 Tips for Landing More Birthday Parties at Your Venue
  9. Five Common Mindset Traits of Rich Bar Operators
  10. Follow These Trends Through the End of 2018
  11. Increase Check Size to Increase Tip Amount
  12. Buying a Bar? Ask These 4 Questions First!
  13. Advanced Jedi Menu Tricks: Brainwash Your Guests and Team On Your Menu
  14. How to Create a Menu that Rakes in Profits
  15. [Report] The Big Picture: 2018 Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
  16. Open Sesame: The Funky Ingredient Finding its way into Your Cocktails
  17. Ace Up Your Sleeve: 5 Down & Dirty Menu Tricks
  18. Insta Famous: How to Curate Your Instagram Presence

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