Jameson Cold Brew

Jameson® Irish Whiskey is offering a fresh take on the two distinctive tastes with the new, limited-edition Jameson® Cold Brew, an Irish Whiskey infused with natural cold brew coffee flavor.

Created out of a passion for quality, culture and damn good coffee, Jameson Cold Brew is a one-of-a-kind whiskey innovation that celebrates the timeless story that is told when these two tastes become one.

The Jameson community has an immense passion for Irish Whiskey and craft coffee, so when it came time to develop a new innovation, the brand listened to what Jameson fans had been requesting for years. The result is a bold take on two unique tastes that have always belonged together—and now thanks to Jameson, are bottled under one cap.

Quick Notes

Nose: Intense rich coffee bean aromatics combined with vanilla nuttiness of Jameson

Palate: Distinctive, bold and natural with refreshing coffee flavor followed by charred wood from the pot still whiskey contribution on the palate. Full bodied, smooth and warming mouthfeel, with notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate

60 Proof