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Caravedo Pisco Sour

The national drink of Peru, the Pisco Sour, is a classic cocktail. This version is made with high-quality Caravedo Quebranta.

Caravedo Pisco Punch

This sophisticated version of the original Pisco Punch calls for Caravedo Mosto Verde and replaces the traditional cherry garnish with an orange peel.

Caravedo Chilcano

The outstanding quality of Caravedo Quebranta elevates this classic Peruvian cocktail.

Caravedo Count Pisco

The popular Negroni gets a Peruvian twist when the gin is replaced by Caravedo Acholado pisco.

Caravedo Basil Smash

Caravedo Moste Verde's notes of apples, dried dark fruits and hints of rich flavors including cinnamon are complemented by the basil used to build this smash.

Caravedo Torontel

This 86-proof blend of Quebranta, Italia, Torontel and Albillia grapes entices with floral aromas and pronounced peach, pear, violet and lemon flavors.

Caravedo Quebranta

Single distilled to 80 proof, Caravedo Quebranta is characterized by aromas of red grapes, hay, red apples and caramel, and pronounced flavors of chocolate, apples, dry fruit and bananas.

Caravedo Acholado

Distilled from fully fermented wine (no pomace) and rested a minimum of one year with no additives of any kind, Caravedo Acholado a blend of Quebranta, Italia, Torontel, and Albillia grapes.

Caravedo Mosto Verde

A single distilled, 86-proof blend of Quebranta, Italia, Torontel and Albillia grapes resulting in a complex, elegant pisco.