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Get a grip on Social Media

Look, we know not many people like homework - we get it. But what if the reading we recommend is helpful, fun, and can drive more traffic to your bar, nightclub or restaurant? Read these articles to strengthen your social media presence and strategy. We promise you'll like it!

5 Apps You Should Take for a Spin Today

You can always manage schedules and tasks more efficiently. The promotions and special events you’ve worked so hard on can always draw more paying customers. Your photos and videos can always look better and engage more followers. Here are the apps you need to get your hands on and take for a test drive right now.

Go Beyond a Shot and a Beer this St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day (March 17 in case you've forgotten) is on a Friday this year. Keeping that in mind, you should expect more than just an Irish beer n' whisky crowd at your bar. Put these creative "green" cocktails on your menu to impress and serve the usual Friday night cocktail crowd. Sláinte!

The Mocktail Movement?

Customers are actually showing up at award-winning cocktail bars and expecting to see non-alcohol versions of their signature cocktails, but is the effort worth it?

Milk Vodka & More

Welcome to the inaugural installment of the Nightclub & Bar BottleWatch. Keeping up with new, unique and rare product launches can be a daunting task, but we're here to help with our BottleWatch beer, wine, spirit, bar tool, fixture, furnishing, audio, visual, and book product watch.

5 Key Consumer Trends

Technomic has identified five consumer trends that will drive consumer behavior in 2017. A confluence of lifestyle factors, such as healthy intentions, technology, community, and economic status, will define how restaurants operate and meet consumer expectations this year.