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SMIRNOFF™ Launches Initiative to Double Number of Women Headliners

The most inclusive genre of music in the world has a severe gender diversity issue. According to a sample study conducted by THUMP, women only made up an average 17% of headliners in 2016 at music festivals around the world. This percentage is far from gender parity, making it clear that women face challenges because they do not receive the same amount of exposure and access to opportunities as men.

Women in Wine: The Leaders of Lodi, California

The evolution of LangeTwins from growers to producers was a family vision under the leadership of twins Randall and Bradford, but the work to launch and lead the effort fell squarely on the shoulders of Randall's daughter, Marissa Lange. On this International Women's Day, LangeTwins' president Marissa Lange shares her story.