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Java Chameleon

These cold brew coffee cocktails are on trend, perfect for the winter months, easy to make, and use ingredients that are simple to obtain.

Stormier Seas

The Stormier Seas made with Kraken Rum, ginger beer and limes is sure to please customers.

Rum Mule

The Rum Mule made with Havana Club Puerto Rican Rum and ginger beer is sure to please customers.
Black rum cocktail

Fade to Black

The Fade to Black made with STARR "black rum" is a festive Halloween cocktail, with its spooky black color.

The RumChata Diaries: A Guide to Succeeding as an Owner & Operator

If you own a bar, nightclub or restaurant or are aspiring to open your own venue, you're joining the storied ranks of adventurous and innovative entrepreneurs like Thomas Maas, creator of wildly successful RumChata. Here's his recipe for success, which should inspire you to overcome the obstacles you're going to face operating your own business.