Blending DJing and Hospitality with Michaelangelo L'Acqua

Michaelangelo L'Acqua

Fashion Week is dominating nightlife, social life, restaurants as well as most of the taxis in New York City and Michaelangelo L'Acqua made his mark by providing the music for the shows.

Now, is the golden age of DJ's, as opportunities are being created in every corner of the globe. L'Acqua is a DJ and producer who has found a unique way of bringing a culture created in clubs to a worldwide audience. 

The interesting concept of L'Acqua’s position was established when he was approached by W to interview for a position; they had heard about his work with fashion designers like Tom Ford and as Head Creative at Onda, and concluded that he could bring something unique to the table.

In 2009, L'Acqua was named Global Music Director of W Hotels Worldwide. His mission was "to create and maintain a proprietary music platform that clearly defines the iconic identity of W Hotels as the company continues its transformation into a global powerhouse."

“It was a dream job for sure – blending my passions for music and travel,” says L’Acgua. “During my interview I expressed that I would be able to develop a true sonic identity for W representative in DJ culture, live performances and music innovation. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”

L'Acqua explains that he has been enamored with music since childhood when he played violin and attended Manhattan School of Music; then later graduating as a Jazz Performance Major at The New School Jazz Division. “I was a session musician who evolved into record production and eventually got a chance to be Tom Ford's Music Director while he was at Gucci and YSL. I spent many years producing music for fashion shows, records, TV commercials and film scores until my career crossed paths with W Hotels which brings me to the present day.”

“Music is the only true universal language we share on this planet and great music allows us to collectively resonate as one. I try to pick DJs that can do this from the first track to the drop,” L'Acqua tells us.

The W’s music programming is one of discovery. It’s all about what’s new and next in music and is reflect this in the 24 hour soundtracks heard at all the hotels. “It’s our hope that all the guests discover something new when they step inside a W.”

W Living Rooms (the brand’s lobby/lounge hybrid), for example, are some of the best places to see and be seen. “However, our hotels are designed to offer comfort to our guests and there is a clear line between the party and relaxation that is also reflected in the music. Yes, you want a party but you also want an incredible night’s sleep (and, well, if you don’t, sometimes the party goes all night too.),” continues L’Acqua.

The music played in the hotel has a core identity but it does spread out with specialized soundtracks for our global Retreats and Spas – so someone on the WET Deck of W Koh Samui will be hearing something different than a guest having a cocktail in the Living Room of W Hollywood, for instance. As music in the hospitality industry continues to change in the near future, one can't help but wonder who will continue to play a large role as an innovator. 


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