Chart Topper J Sutta Releases Debut Album, I Say Yes, Plans Tour

Image: Cover art for J Sutta's debut album I Say Yes

Chart-topping artist J Sutta released her debut album I Say Yes on March 3rd of this year. It’s comprised of an alluring blend of smooth vocals, poignant lyrics, and playful but precise production, serving up a fresh and irresistible sound.

Sutta recorded the empowering dance/pop album in Los Angeles and Miami with Rico Love (Beyoncé, Usher, David Guetta), S-X (Lil Wayne, Tinie Tempah), The Code, Cid, Danny Majjic, and Dave Aude (Selena Gomez, U2, Madonna), with features from Pitbull, Hopsin, Fuse ODG and Rico Love.

“I’m so excited to finally have my debut album out there,” says Sutta. "It took longer than expected to put it all together, but that's because I wanted to be able to stand by every single moment on the record proudly and not settle for anything less. It truly represents a reflection of my growth as a person and artist, and I hope the message connects.”

I Say Yes follows a string of Billboard Dance Chart number ones. These include "Show Me," "Gonna Get U" featuring Dave Aude, "White Lies" with Paul Van Dyk, and most recently, "Distortion."

Singer, dancer and entertainer J Sutta


1. Your debut album I Say Yes is an ambitious project, recorded in both Miami and Los Angeles. Did you perform at any bars or nightclubs in those cities in between recording sessions?

I didn't get to perform in Miami as it was literally wake up, go to the studio, go to bed, repeat!

I performed in LA a bunch though since I live there and there was more time in between recording. I really enjoyed performing at the El Rey as the sound and stage were awesome. Avalon is always a favorite and the crowd is really fun. I had a fun performance there but I even enjoy randomly having a night out there to listen to some of my favorite DJs play.

One of my favorite performances during this album cycle was at the GAMeBoi event at Rage. It was so packed and the audience was beautiful and super engaged with amazing energy. In LA, crowds can be tough sometimes as a lot of people are too concerned with the way they look to truly let go. It definitely was not the case there.


2. “When a Girl Loves a Boy,” one of the songs on I Say Yes, features Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull. How did that collaboration come together, and what was it like to work with him?

Rico Love, who executive produced the album, arranged it. When I heard Pitbull agreed to do a song with me it was completely surreal and I was stunned, and when it sank in of course I was stoked. It made sense since we are both from the 305 and I really loved his performance on the song as it was different to anything I had heard from him previously.


3. It’s clear that I Say Yes was a labor of love. You’ve said that you wanted the album to tell a story with each song making up the narrative. Are you planning on touring to support your big debut?

Yes. There was so much time, energy and emotion put into every aspect of the album. It was important for me to share my story through the songs and make them relatable to the listener at the same time. I am taking some time off to do a yoga and meditation retreat to decompress and then I will be performing in various cities at clubs and events. I would love nothing more than to do a full tour for I Say Yes. Hopefully, as the album builds momentum, we can put something together. Being on stage is home to me and I want to spend as much time at home as possible!


4. You left The Pussycat Dolls to pursue a solo career, and you released your first solo track, “I Wanna be Bad,” at Here Lounge in West Hollywood. Why did you choose Here Lounge? What types of bar and nightlife venues do you prefer to be booked at for performances?

I love to perform where there is good energy. Of course, sometimes it's also an amazing feeling to turn the energy around and get people who are stiff to become engaged and feel like they are a part of the experience. It's very rewarding getting a crowd who doesn't know you or your songs to become your fans by the end of the performance.

Ultimately, I love to perform anywhere there is a stage with room for me and my dancers do to our thing, a great sound system, and a lit crowd who is ready to party!


5. You grew up in Miami, were featured on a track on Cedric Gervais’ album Miamification, and you recently released a track featuring Pitbull who happens to have been born in Miami... You’re obviously proud of your hometown. What are you favorite places to party in Miami?

I am definitely proud of my hometown! I learned a lot there and it's where I started my journey of artistic expression and dance.

LIV and Story are an undeniably fun night out every time. Even though they are different there is something sexy and stylish about those venues. Basement is really fun too, and has a great dance floor to get lost in the music to.


6. What’s your adult beverage of choice?

I don't drink alcohol anymore, so sparkling water. Can't get more adult than that!


7. Is there anything you’d like our readers to know before you go?

Well first, thank you guys for having me and thanks to the readers for checking out my music. I hope to see you guys at one of my shows soon and in the meantime, stay in touch with me on my socials.

Connect with J Sutta:

Instagram: @J_Sutta

Twitter: @JSutta

Facebook: @JessicaSutta

YouTube: JessicaSuttaVEVO

Soundcloud: jsutta

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