Culminating Music Relationships for Continued Success

Culminating Music Relationships for Continued Success at Studio Paris in Chicago

Over the years, Chicago has made a name for itself as one of the Big Six nightlife cities in the country and every once in a while a venue appears that keeps the city fresh and evolving by redefining the nightlife scene.

And Studio Paris, the year-round rooftop lounge located above Paris Club in River North, is doing just that! 

Patrons enter the rooftop club’s lounge area first, where plush black leather couches line the walls beneath artful photographs, after which they step into a dark but lively world of steel pillars and sweeping dark gray floors.

The club is vast and open with a large skylight which gives off a vibe unlike most of the competition. The lighting system was designed by Steve Lieberman, who is behind popular music festivals such as Ultra and Electric Daisy Carnival. The sounds and entertainment systems are also state of the art. All this culminating into an experience like no other, explains RJ Melman, Studio Paris’ managing partner.

In order to keep the guest experience fresh, Studio Paris produces multiple music platforms including their Wednesday night music program that focuses on up and coming electronic music talent. “We have had people like the Chainsmokeres, Quintino, and Project 46 who are all acts on the rise,” Melman told us about their extensive musical searches. However, they’re no stranger to big name DJs.

Melman explained that it is all about relationship building. Sure, money will get big talent into your club, but Studio Paris is lucky to have become a club where people want to play due to their long term, strong relationships. “Kaskade was once stuck in Chicago due to a layover, had nothing to do that night and played a surprise set for the guests of Studio Paris,” remembers Melman. “That was a result of a few years of working together and honing the relationship.”

“It’s not uncommon for artists to unexpectedly ‘take the stage’ during a night out, with past surprise performances from the likes of CeeLo Green, Coolio and Jennifer Hudson, to name just a few,” continued Melman. Having these relationships and constantly being able to keep your guest on their toes with unexpected surprises is definitely a plus.

Studio Paris “focuses on great programming every single night of the week - whether it’s an up and comer, a great industry veteran like Vice, Ruckus and Jazzy Jeff, or a superstar like Avicii, Calvin Harris and Deadmau5,” Melman went on.

It takes time and a lot of hard work to create an unforgettable experience for your customers and the perfect experience often starts with the music.

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