Lessons to Learn from Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo is one of the premier electronic dance music festivals in the country. Held in New York City, there is quite an eclectic group of E-Zooers, myself included. The festival was supposed to be a milestone, celebrating their fifth year running in NYC with five stages, but it ended up getting cut short.

In light of the tragic events that took place during the festival, it is evident that there is much nightclub and bar owners can learn from the mistakes of Made Event and the staff of Electric Zoo. After the planning and bookings are taken care of, what is the first step in keeping party-goers safe? Security, of course.

Electronic Zoo Festival

Security guards are the first person the customer sees and the last when they exit. At events such as Electric Zoo, it is ignorant to think that illegal substances are not an issue, but in order to minimize this problem; you must have trustworthy and skilled security. In order to acquire a top notch security staff, the hiring process is vital; you must make sure you trust your employees to do their jobs correctly. Make sure your employees are trained adequately to be on the same page with management and the other security staff. They need to be able to recognize the signs of intoxication or misconduct and deal with it appropriately.

In addition, the medical staff at events needs to be in tune with the security guards. If someone is acting out of control or gets sick, they should be treated accordingly and escorted from the venue. People not abiding by an unspoken code of conduct are a hazard to you and your guests’ safety. Most nightclubs or bars do not have medical staff on-premise however you should have a proper procedure in place for when an incident does occur.

The most significant aspect of the staff’s job during any event is to keep people safe. At an event as long as E-Zoo, it is essential that attendees eat throughout the day, especially when they are consuming adult beverages. High food prices enable party-goers to neglect putting nutrients into their body, obviously you’re in this to make money, but you also have to remember to keep people safe. Therefore, make sure to carefully price out food options when hosting a full day event.

While the staff of Electric Zoo clearly had a few gaps in their system, there were many safeguards Electric Zoo used throughout the two days. The precautions E-Zoo took to keep partiers safe were widespread. The second and hottest day of the festival, the staff sprayed hoses amongst the dancing frenzy that was the crowd and in between each set on the main stages announcements were made stressing the importance of taking care of your friends and yourself. There was also pump stations for people to fill their camel backs and bottles with water to keep everyone hydrated as they party the day away.

At any type of event, when the excitement level is high, unfortunately there are bound to be mishaps. Your job is to lessen said mishaps in an attempt to eliminate them completely. Events are fun, and it is up to the staff to prevent all avoidable issues that can spoil an event for your wallet and, of course, the paying customers. 

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