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Welcome to the SKAMily!

DJ Name: Jamie Iovine

Location: Los Angeles


Born and raised in the City of Angels, you could say Jamie Iovine was born into the entertainment industry. Growing up around some of the most influential figures in music and entertainment, the knowledge he accumulated over the years has been invaluable. Rather than going down the same road his father Jimmy cultivated, Jamie decided to forge his own path. With his passions in music, comics, technology, and sports entertainment, it’s easy to call him a Renaissance man for the new generation of entrepreneur. 

Jamie began his career at the University of Arizona. As a student he was obsessed with perfecting his craft. He then made the move back to Los Angeles to DJ full time. Jamie performed at every major nightclub in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas, and he toured nationally and internationally with the likes of Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Rusko, and Eric Prydz. He most notably DJed for hip-hop heavyweight Puff Daddy at WrestleMania 29 in New York at Madison Square Garden. While Jamie’s DJ career started to flourish he was given the opportunity to work with top-rated consumer electronics brand Beats by Dre, being included in a nationwide television campaign that debuted on ABC’s Monday Night Football.

He parleyed his relationship with Beats By Dre and World Wrestling Entertainment and hosted one of the most successful Summer Slam parties ever at the Beverly Hilton. Coming off the successes of his Beats by Dre and WWE collaborative event, Jamie then decided to take his talents to World Wrestling Entertainment officially. At the WWE he was the go-to backstage producer and created some of the most compelling segments for Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, and, featuring wrestling and personality titans such as John Cena, The Rock, and Brock Lesnar. Jamie also worked directly with the executive vice president of talent Paul Levesque, who you may know better as Triple. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so Jamie started a new chapter in his career.

After months of research, Jamie found himself with an amazing opportunity to work with and own a piece of the famed Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. He knew this was exactly what he was looking for and signed the deal to become Meltdown Comics chief operating and public relations officer. In his short time at Meltdown, Jamie has already put his stamp on the brand. He has debuted the only post-WWE Monday Night Raw show at the store (called Kayfabe Korner), and has hosted a successful WWE Royal Rumble party. Jamie has put in the work and his resume and past performances can attest to that, but in his mind he’s only just begun.


SKAM Artist DJ Jamie Iovine - Meet the SKAM Artist
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When did you join the SKAM Artist roster? What did it feel like to join SKAM?

I joined SKAM in 2012 after years of bugging Sujit to finally add me to the roster. I feel like I had graduated to the big time! I knew that was where all the big names DJs worked, so I wanted to do everything I could to convince Sujit I was good enough. After a few years of hustling I finally graduated, so to speak.

What genres of music are your specialty?

I love Hip Hop. I was raised on West Coast Hip Hop and it’s what makes club-going fun for me. I consider myself versatile in most major forms of music, but if I had to choose...Hip Hop for sure. Trap and Electro are a close tie for second.  

What’s something you’re known for as a DJ?

Definitely my energy. I’m a super animated person and I pride myself as someone who isn't looking down at the turntables the entire time during a set. I try to get as much movement and high energy as I possibly can. I dance in the booth when I DJ all the time, not just for an act, but I genuinely enjoy the music I play, and if you show your enjoyment I believe it’s contagious.  

Please list some of your favorite recent gigs, and why they were favorites.

I just finished my first Rehab pool party that’s a part of my summer residency at the Hard Rock Hotel. The good people at Hard Rock were kind enough to give me almost complete, full reign on the design and sounds of the party. Not only did I DJ, I created my own visuals and decorated the venue as I saw fit. I pride my shows as being complete.  I want people to leave my shows tired and glad they left their sweat on the dancefloor.

Besides DJing, what other projects are you currently working on?

I am part owner of Meltdown Comics here in Hollywood, CA, on Sunset Blvd. We are the longest running comic book store on the West Coast. I love the world of sci-fi, comics, video games etc., so I love that when I’m not on the road I have a place to come and be myself, and live in an environment that also promotes creativity.  

When performing, what types of bar and nightlife venues do you prefer?

I love big rooms. Lounges are cool, but usually everyone is too cool to dance or just looking at their phones. If the place doesn't have a dancefloor I try to avoid it (unless the pay is good, of course). Vegas is always a great time, and of course everyone loves Beta in Denver. The closer I can be to the crowd, the better. I love pool parties, too; I’d take performing at a pool party over a nightclub any day.

What is your adult beverage of choice?

I wish I could give you some fancy drink but I’m not fancy in that aspect. Just give me a vodka, add some soda and a lime, then I’m good. Cîroc, preferably.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get noticed by SKAM Artist?

NEVER STOP WORKING. Sujit (owner of SKAM Artist) is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, and he can smell laziness. This is a cutthroat business, and someone will show up to work if you won’t and will take advantage of that.   

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a DJ?

I’d say the oversaturation of the market. There are a lot of us out there. Not only that, if the celebrity appeal is there, then a person will be booked solely on that without consideration of talent. It’s a good and bad thing, and I see where the venues come from, but it’d be nice if the talent came with the fame as well.  

Connect with Jamie:

Twitter: @jamie_iovine
Instagram: @jamieiovine

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