Meet the SKAM Artist: Nick Ferrer

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Welcome to the SKAMily…

DJ Name: Nick Ferrer

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Once in a while, a well-rounded individual with a grasp of music emerges from the fray to create shifts in the music paradigm. These artists are not made or bred – they are simply born that way. Standing at the edge of the aforementioned shift in the music paradigm is none other than Los Angeles’ own Nick Ferrer. He is an artist at heart, a catalyst at work, and a serious live performer and entrepreneur.

SKAM Artist performer Ferrer is the culmination of hard work, perseverance, determination and self-discipline. His humble beginnings began in 2008 when he got his start working as an intern for LA's biggest hip-hop station, Power 106. Striking the iron while it was hot, he began honing his skills opening shows for the hottest power DJs around Hollywood and Southern California, carving his own niche along the way. Performing live and playing the DJ circuit is where Ferrer thrives, and it's his greatest strength. Nick Ferrer is taking names and breaking ground.


SKAM Artist DJ Nick Ferrer walking black and white headshot - Meet the SKAM Artist
When did you join the SKAM Artist roster? What did it feel like to join SKAM?

I joined SKAM Artist on May 22, 2014. Felt like I was part of a FAMILY and I was playing for the Yankees. The person who put me on is Eric D-Lux, who is one of my best friends and mentors.


What genres of music are your specialty?

Passionate about all genres in music, as long as it feels good!


What’s something you’re known for as an artist and DJ?

I guess you can say being charismatic and just a people person.


SKAM Artist DJ Nick Ferrer smiling black and white headshot -Meet the SKAM Artist
Please list some of your favorite recent gigs, and why they were favorites.

Anywhere in Japan! Clubs out there are insane, and for the most part they don’t speak English. But they dance and sing along to lyrics. And, of course anywhere, in LA, where I was born and raised.


Besides DJing, what other projects are you currently working on?

I currently am also an A&R for Latium Entertainment. We are a record label, management, and publishing company. Love scouting talent and being involved in the process of making music. Shout out to Charles Chavez!


When performing, what types of bar and nightlife venues do you prefer?

Do not have a specific venue as long as I get to have fun and play music. But there is nothing like traveling overseas!


What is your adult beverage of choice?

Vodka & Water with two limes.


What advice would you give someone who wants to get noticed by SKAM Artist?

Passion and patience! Also, networking with the crew and getting to know everyone, whether it’s [owner] Sujit Kundu, the agents who work hard on a daily basis, or clients of the company.


What’s the biggest challenge you face as a DJ?

Hangovers and delayed flights.


Connect with Nick Ferrer:

Instagram: @nick_ferrer

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