Redefining the Artistry of DJing

Fashion Week in New York City left most go-getters a bit loopy. A zillion shows, mad scrambles for rare taxis and must attend party after party. At these events you are sprayed with competing scents, given enough literature to fill a small forest, introduced to the next "it" girl or next "big thing" designer. The clubs are jam-packed, up is down, down is up and does anyone really know what time it is?

One refreshing event that took place was the Hercules Kick-Off World Tour in celebration of a new DJ Console. The event was filled with regular Joe's and Jo-Anne’s all interested in the new console. The Hercules challenges the DJ to be an artist and personalize their sound. 

For the last 10 years, DJ's have abandoned records which often required entourages to carry crates. They have abandoned CD's as well and bulky case logics. The computer, with programs like Serato, plugs into sound systems in seconds and is carried around under ones arm. As DJ's increasingly travel from city to city, even country to country, the computer became the answer.

Today, DJ's are turning to DJ consoles to enhance the experience. A console warrants a DJ to mix digital music. It allows scratching and fast seamless mixing. It allows mixing from music stored in MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, OGG and CD Audio as well as iTunes. At the Brooklyn Bowl soiree' the audience watched as DJ's added effects, looped, scratched and integrated all sorts of data while utilizing the console. It was impressive. The console ensures independence and provides a state of the art answer for DJ's armed with a laptop who still want the ability to scratch and mix and be artists rather than just guys or gals with a playlist.

Nightclub Confidential sat down with an expert on the new technology, Hercules Worldwide Marketing Manager, Agnès Cornière to get the inside scoop.


Nightclub Confidential (NCC): Nowadays it is rare to see a DJ with records or CD’s. Computers with Serato and other programs now rule. Tell me how Hercules takes this to a new level.

Cornière: Hercules is taking DJing to the next level through our passion for innovation. The new RMX 2 provides an all-in-one solution to aspiring DJs, providing features like HD audio and touch pads with new types of commands never before included in a DJ Console. Additionally, Hercules "It's Your Turn" World Tour is an opportunity to connect with the DJ community so that we are able to develop new and exciting products that enhance their experience and allow them to express their talent. 

NCC: What is special about this latest addition? Is it geared toward the professional DJ or can up and comers use it as well?

Cornière: The DJ Console RMX 2 is the complete solution for talented, aspiring DJs and advanced DJs at an attainable price. The RMX 2 provides a creative tool for taking charge of the event for DJs at all levels.

NCC: Does this change the game to the point where the term DJ is obsolete or does this make them artists?

Cornière: We will always consider DJs musical artists, bringing their own creativity and personality to all that they do – including how they choose to use the different features on the RMX 2 to fit their artistic style.

NCC: What does the future bring?

Cornière: Working closely with DJ communities around the world through our "It's Your Turn" World Tour will help bring us to the future. Our job is to listen to their ideas and expectations so we can create products that evolve. We are already working on future products in which innovation and passion will be key attributes. 

NCC: How does this sort of technology progress? Do you have teams of engineers experimenting and building? Is technology shared between companies and expanded upon? Are DJ's a part of the process?

Cornière: We design our products internally. We share our ideas between our team, our product developer, engineers (electronic & mechanical), and DJ partners. We also have software developer partners and we participate in extensive brainstorming workshops where we further develop product ideas.

NCC: Is the console viable for all genres of club music. Will it allow new levels of mashing up genres?

Cornière: Yes, Hercules' goal is to make our controllers able to satisfy the most demanding types of music – including house/EDM, Hip Hop, Rock and more.

NCC: Is it user friendly?

Cornière: Ensuring our controllers are user friendly and intuitive is key. Additionally, we provide tutorials and tech support on our online community to help aspiring DJs learn and grow their style through the use of our controllers.

NCC: How important is style when it comes to the console?

Cornière: Style is everything to the pro DJ, and every DJ has their own style. How they choose to express it is a personal preference, some do so solely through their music, others through personalized consoles.

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