The 2011 Nightclub & Bar Show Kicks Off!

The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show kicks off today in Las Vegas, and there is no doubt a high-energy crowd of bar, nightclub and industry workers are eager to get started in growing their business.

Jon TafferJon Taffer, Nightclub & Bar Media Group President, commenced the ceremonies by acknowledging that the people attending this year’s conference were already ahead of their competitors. In fact, just be being at the Show meant they were choosing to make more and perform more than their competitors who didn’t show up.

This, Taffer, said this was the winning formula to success.

Taffer, a charismatic and energetic speaker, asked the crowd, “Who wants to make more money?” and as the all the hands went up in the large conference hall, Taffer took the time to extol advice on how to do just that.

“I want to change the way you think,” he told the crowd. “And then I want to change the way you act.” Complacency was not an option and is often the reason many businesses remain stagnant.

With that, Taffer said that by breaking outside of the box involves transitioning from what you know and changing how you operate. Taffer said this is doneby realizing that “everything we do is a process, never a result. That process must establish a positive emotional reaction. That reaction is our product.”

The reaction, it seems, is everything. “We don’t serve people, we play to their reactions; we serve reactions,” he advised. From the exterior of your business to the environment you create for your guests, to the entertainment you have, the minutia is truly what causes a positive reaction from your guests. And it shouldn’t stop there, server and bartender experience, customer interaction and product experience are all important to running a prospering a successful business, especially in tough economic times.

For Taffer, solving the revenue problems through frequency and loyalty will create those reactions that make your establishment money.

Essentially, the patrons at your bar should recognize you as someone who puts guest needs above all else, who knows how to create a sales team and a product worth selling, then the reaction will reward your business in profits and revenues.

Taffer concluded that everyone is always “One idea from your next success,” and the best way to achieve that success is by attending the NCB Show, where you can interact with peers in the industry, who will fill your head with ideas, leaving you armed and ready to win.


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