2012 SIP Awards Extends Entry Deadline to June 28

Due to numerous requests, the 2012 Spirit International Prestige (SIP) Awards entry deadline has been extended to June 28. Entry form, fee and samples must be received prior to the June 28 deadline.

The benefits of entering a spirit include:

• Enter your brand into an unbiased competition, and let the consumers be the judging panel. This is the main differentiator of the SIP Awards, and what makes this competition so meaningful for your brand.
• Compete to win a highly marketable prestigious medal (Best of Class, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze), not simply an ambiguous score. The SIP award medals signify that a true consumer panel prefers your spirit over others.
• A SIP Award medal provides an independent endorsement to buyers and distributors around the globe.
• Every medal winner will receive free marketing resources such as downloadable logos, medals, certificates and other high-quality images. Winners also will be provided with a media kit with special marketing discounts through our media sponsors.
• The announcement of the winners will be spread globally throughout the web and print. Media partners will be covering the event as well as announcing the winners.

• Spirits are not required to be available nationally in the United States. In fact, entering the SIP Awards is a brilliant way to gain the attention of importers and the media for an increased distribution.
• The SIP Awards do not have restrictions or licensing costs for the use of logos, accolades and awards in your marketing and promotion; in fact, we encourage you to showcase them with your award-winning products.

For additional information on the 2012 International SIP Awards competition, visit www.SIPAwards.com.


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