3 Techniques To Increasing Nightclub Event Attendees Through Facebook

With over 1 billion people using Facebook, there is a very strong possibility that one of the following is true:

1. Nightclubs' existing party goers or target audience(s)are active on Facebook
2. A friend or family member of nightclubs' existing partygoers or target audience is on Facebook. 

The question is, how can nightclubs utilize the true power of Facebook to successfully increase event attendees and build social buzz? 

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Three techniques that you can utilize are as follows:

Facebook Places: Make sure the nightclub is properly set up as a "Places" page on Facebook and not a brand page. The reason being is that a Facebook Places page has the same functionality as a brand page; however, “Places” pages are for businesses with a physical location.

Setting this up will:

1. Give your customers the option to check-in at a location using the Facebook mobile app, which will also help increase social awareness across Facebook to the friends and family of people checking into the venue

2. The option to add such a location to a Facebook event page which displays the venue's address along with a map

3. Have the option to set-up a check-in deal for the venue. Setting up a deal such as "buy 1 drink and get your 2nd drink free" or "check-in at the venue for free admission" is a sure way to drive the target audience to the venue. Unlocked deals may also be tracked.

Make sure the nightclub's Facebook page category is set as a 'Local Business' which will also give the option to add in an address, opening times, parking availability, etc. 

Event Page: From the Places page, one can create an event for all upcoming events using the Facebook event function. After creating the event, nightclub promoters and staff should invite their friends to the event as well. If the particular event will be selling tickets for entry, Facebook also recently created a way to add ticket links from third party ticketing websites. Once the ticket link is added, 'Buy Tickets' will be visible for guests to purchase tickets directly from the event page.

Another cool feature on the event page is the 'Message Guest' option, which allows the venue to privately message individuals or all invited guests. After completely setting up the event with information and appropriate images, the event will automatically be posted on the nightclub's Places page wall.  

Promote: Nightclubs can directly use Facebook Sponsored Post ads to promote the event after creating it directly from their wall as described in tip #2. Facebook gives the option to promote the event to either fans of the page or to friends of fans. There is also an option to directly launch an ad for the event directly from the event page, to increase attendance. On the advertisement set-up page, the nightclub/venue will be able to create a message for the ad, select a target audience (via age, location, interests, etc.) and set a budget.   

Overall, Facebook can be as effective as needed in order to build social buzz and drive more nightlife enthusiasts to a venue. The key is to establish true communication between the managers, staff and promoters, and more importantly stay consistent.

If you have any questions or opinions that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.

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