4 Fall Nightclub Trends to Follow

We’re gearing up for fall, which is a great time to reflect on emerging industry trends for the new season. Now that the hot summer trends have died down, we can start to focus on how to provide the best experience leading up to the much anticipated holiday season. Here are 4 fall trends for you to follow to stay relevant in the ever-evolving nightlife industry.


1. Improved door policies

Rules, regulations and policies are sometimes what makes or breaks a venue’s business. As another Nightclub & Bar article pointed out, “whatever door policy you implement will ultimately gauge the clientele that walks through the door and adds to the perception of your establishment.” Where previous door policies were more so aligned with dress code and gender ratio, venues are now turning their attention to focus more on behavioral conduct. Any guest who arrives in an unstable condition is a liability to your venue, so turning these folks away will maintain the experience every other paying guest in your venue expects and deserves.

2. Increased use of technology

Technology continues to grow in the industry quarter over quarter. More and more venues are turning to it to track results, effectively communicate across all staff members, and offer exceptional client experience. This year alone, we’ve seen top venues make better use of platforms that are available to streamline operations and maximize profits, and it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. The solutions they’re seeking are ones that offer the whole gamut in one spot, including guest tracking management, client relationship management, point of sale, ticketing, marketing solutions and, most importantly, analytics. Using this type of technology gives you better insight, increases efficiency and revenue, and ultimately leads to a better customer experience to keep them coming back for more.

3. Planning ahead for big events

Hosting events is one of the best ways to get people through your door, whether you’re hosting a large event in a nightclub or a hosting a live band in your bar. In the past, many venues would rush through the planning process and piece their events together with no strategy in place. But with increasing use of technology, you now have access to your own data and are able to plan ahead for your events. This means you can:

·  Look at inventory trends from past events and be prepared for your upcoming event

·  Sell tickets to your event ahead of time

·  Synch your promoters and marketing efforts together to maximize ticket sales and revenue

·  Ensure that your event lives up to what your guests expect

4. Delicious fall drinks

Summer was all about complex refreshing cocktails, but those are getting swapped out for comforting fall drinks. Spices are the name of the game this fall, featuring cocktails such as butternut & falernum, ginger smash and Madagascar, the honey dove, big apple cobbler, pumpkin pie martini, and spiced pear cocktail. All of these drinks encompass the deliciously-craved fall fruits combined with the comforting yet zesty spices that make the crisp fall that much more enjoyable.

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