4 Tips on How to Hire Your Dream Team

In the hospitality business, people come and go – everyone from the hosts, servers, and even the customers. Many employees are students, part-time employees, and/or may work in seasonal locations. Couple this will the all-important work ethic and the challenge of building a “dream team” in the hospitality industry is real. It’s something Cabo Flats Director of Operations Adam Robin has dealt with at a variety of restaurants he’s managed throughout the past decade. In a sentence:

“A “dream team” is well balanced feeds off each other’s strengths.” 

  1. But how do you build that? Here are Robin’s four tips on what to look for the next time someone hands you an application:
  2. You find already proven individuals who you have either worked with in the past or have interacted with at their previous place of employment.
  3. A "dream team" is well balanced and feeds off each other’s strengths.
  4. Candidates have to come with their own customer base and loyal following.

“Dream team” candidates also have to be very enthusiastic about going out and widen their own reach side by side with the restaurant. “For example, I would make servers have a reservation quota for each week of people who request them,” Robin said. “If they couldn’t fill that quota, their shifts were replaced by someone who could.”

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