5 Apps You Should Take for a Spin Today

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So you’ve got Twitter, Instagram and Facebook down. To make things convenient for you and your staff you’re sharing Google Docs with your staff. Your marketing efforts are improving and customers are aware of most of your promotions. Congratulations - you and technology are getting along pretty well.

But things can always be better. You can always manage schedules and tasks more efficiently. The promotions and special events you’ve worked so hard on can always draw more paying customers. Your photos and videos can always look better and engage more followers. Here are the apps you need to get your hands on and take for a test drive right now.



Task management and scheduling apps are quickly becoming an operator’s or manager’s best friend. Pyrus allows you to assign tasks, create projects, and add files. What sets Pyrus apart from other apps is that each task has a single person responsible for it at any moment of time. Assign a deadline, track the task, and even message the person to whom it is assigned. This app is also capable of integrating with Dropbox, Google Drive and Box, and works with Outlook, Gmail, Chrome and Firefox with a plugin. Oh, hey, speaking of schedules and calendars…



Wouldn’t it be great if people followed not only your social media channels but also your calendar of promotional events? CalendarX makes that possible. Create a calendar of events, control who can manage the calendar, put the “Follow our calendar” button on your website (remember that it’s still important to have one), and even control what you want to know about your followers. Have a repeat event? No problem. Want to set reminders so that your followers won’t forget about your events? You can do that. Need to update your event? Don’t worry – CalendarX updates your followers’ calendars automatically. CalendarX allows you to connect directly to your audience’s calendars, meaning they’ll always know what you’ve got going on at your venue.



2017 is being heralded as the Year of SnapChat. We’ll be addressing SnapChat and a 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show presentation that focused on the wildly popular social media platform in the very near future, but here’s one bit of information we’ll share with you right now: SnapChat doesn’t provide analytics to users natively. If only there were a solution addressing that… Snaplytics does! It’s pricey, but if you’re serious about succeeding with SnapChat this analytics tool tells you how well each snap is performing, your follower growth, and overall metrics.


Hootsuite Enhance

You may already be using Hootsuite to manage all of your social media accounts. Given that we live and do business in visually driven world, are you using Hootsuite Enhance edit, optimize and source photos for sharing? Towards the end of last year the CMO Council revealed that 93% of marketers say photo content is important to their marketing strategies, meaning photo content should be important you your marketing strategy. Hootsuite Enhance allows you to instantly crop images to the sizes that work best on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, find images on a large database to post, add special effects, filters, borders and stickers, overlay your bar’s, restaurant’s or nightclub’s logo, and more.



Video can also be enhanced, of course, and Rocketium is the application that does it. Rocketium lets you create, style and share videos that people will want to watch and share with their followers. Add fonts and motion graphics, brand your videos with custom logos, export video in square, landscape and portrait formats, automatically share to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and do it all through mobile apps. Video continues to be important for social media and branding, and Rocketium needs to be part of your marketing arsenal.

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