5 Inventory Technology Heavyweights

It can be very easy to forget that technology in our industry isn’t solely for social media or point-of-sale systems. In the ongoing battle of inventory counting, ordering, metrics and minimizing loss, technology can be your best weapon. Here we take a look at 5 of the inventory tech heavyweights and the weapons you can put in your arsenal.


Would you like to save $10,000 per month? Of course you would. Partender, featured on Bar Rescue, claims that their clients save up to that enticing ten grand each month. Who are some of these clients? You may have heard of a few: Olive Garden, TGI Friday’s, Marriott and Hilton to name just a handful. The system is very easy to use, saving you time and frustration. Grab an iOS device (you can sync among multiple devices to split up the work), tap the liquor level of the bottle on the screen and swipe to the next. Inventory should take around 15 minutes with Partender. The app also provides analytics to give you insight into what’s moving and what’s just taking up space, allows you to write an order and send it to your rep and look into your consumption analytics within 99.2% accuracy. Partender offers a free trial so go check it out!


This app comes in two different flavors: BarkeepApp, which operates on any iOS device running 4.3 or later, and BarkeepAppOnline, which is a hosted service accessible through any PC or Mac and requires no downloading of additional software. BarkeepAppOnline is a subscription plan that works in conjunction with BarkeepApp. As you may suspect, BarkeepAppOnline offers features not available to Barkeep. This may seem like a money grab but you get features like pour cost analysis, order generation and supplier management, data syncing between multiple iOS devices, data backup and the ability to access your information anytime, anywhere. Barkeep also claims that all of these features come at a price that is several hundred dollars less expensive than similar apps. The iOS app costs $40 and the yearly subscription cost for BarkeepAppOnline is $250.


When it comes to tech, a lengthy, proven track record goes a long way. Accubar has been helping track inventory since 2001 and boasts thousands of clients. Using fast and durable barcode scanners, this system counts inventory, receiving, transfers and empties. The scanners feed the data collected to a hosted database and then creates crucial reports: pouring cost percentages, variances, consumption and other important metrics. They even have a wine list solution called iWineLists that offers your guests an interactive list.


Another system seen on Bar Rescue, BarVision claims that their clients enjoy, on average, five times ROI. They even claim that some of their guests have broken even in less than two months. Where BarVision stands out, however, is their Smart Spouts. These spout last two to three years or about 40,000 to 45,000 transactions and offer you real-time, actionable information. Among the valuable reports BarVision can create is benchmarking. The system will show you the most profitable month and then offer analytics to help you recreate that month consistently. You can request a quote for your business or schedule a demo at their website.


Bevinco has been servicing the hospitality industry for over 25 years. Their services, PRIME, Choice and Select, are sold through Sculpture Hospitality, a profit and revenue enhancement company that offers comprehensive solutions to bars and restaurants. Bevinco has three tiers of inventory service. At the top is PRIME. Clients who choose PRIME will work directly with a Bevinco consultant who performs the entire inventory audit on-site and generates an in-depth report covering inventory, purchase processing, sales and spillage reconciliation, weekly order forecast, ordering and variances. The consultant then works with you and your staff to strategize and maximize profits. The second tier is CHOICE, which taps your bar manager to do the inventory. Once the counts are sent to the server, Sculpture consultants complete the rest of the audit and provide the report. Finally, there’s SELECT. With SELECT, your bar manager will perform the entire inventory and audit using Sculpture software and systems.

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