5 Things to Look for When Hiring for Your Nightclub

Things to look for when hiring at a bar or nightclub

A nightclub should be a place of escape, where people can get away from their everyday routine and nagging problems and lose themselves in good music and great drinks.

That atmosphere doesn’t just manifest on its own, however. It is carefully maintained by the staff – bartenders, servers, and bussers who move seamlessly through the space making sure that your customers are getting the experience they want.

It takes a particular kind of person to work in the nightclub industry. The hours are late, the conditions can be loud and crowded, and it requires a lot of time on your feet. There are certain characteristics that you will want to look for when making those crucial hires.

1. They’ve got to love the nightlife

This is probably a given. You’re looking for the night owls, not the early birds. You want employees who thrive when the sun goes down. If they describe themselves as a “morning person,” they may not be the right fit.

2. … But not *too* much

Those you hire need to remember that they aren’t there to party – they’re there to work. While it’s important for them to enjoy the scene so that they can add to the atmosphere, their responsibilities as an employee need to come first. If you catch them taking shots with friends in a corner or dancing out on the floor when they should be carrying a tray, that isn’t going to work.

3. They need to be observant and focused

There is a lot of stimuli in a nightclub. Employees need to have all senses on high alert to make sure patrons are being taken care of in a timely manner and that any issues are swiftly handled. If they are easily distracted, not much will get done.

4. They need to have a lot of energy

Working at a nightclub amounts to almost constant movement. Whether it’s behind the bar mixing drink after drink, or out on the floor fielding and delivering orders, your employees will be on their feet and on the move every shift. Make sure they are prepared for the physicality of the job.

5. They need to be diplomatic

As the night goes on, there’s always the chance that a customer may get out of hand. You need staff who know how to defuse a situation, not enflame it. Calm, cool, and collected is the type of employee you need handling your clientele.

Of course experience is always a plus, but don’t dismiss a candidate just because you don’t see a nightclub on his or her resume. Look instead for situations where they would have displayed the values you know will make them successful at your establishment. Take note of customer service experience or duties requiring a lot of focus. Ask the candidate to elaborate on those instances in an interview to get a feel for whether or not those values will translate to a nightclub position.

The right staff can make your job a whole lot easier. Know what characteristics you need in an employee and how to find that diamond in the rough, and you will never have to worry.

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