50 Cent, Street King Talk Charity at NCB Show

Music mogul and beverage businessman Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson held a press conference at the Street King booth during the 27th annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show (NCB Show) on March 14 in Las Vegas. Launched in September 2011 by Pure Growth Partners, NCB Show sponsor Street King is a six-hour energy shot available in orange, mango and grape flavors. During the conference, 50 Cent discussed Street King’s one-for-one charity model: The brand provides one meal for an African child for every unit of Street King purchased.

At the press conference, the Street King booth was alive with excitement; a crowd gathered as DJ-spun tunes pumped from the speakers. Cheers and camera flashes erupted as 50 Cent and Nightclub & Bar Media Group President Jon Taffer took the small stage and greeted the frenzied crowd. Taffer thanked 50 Cent on behalf of the nightclubs and bars that play his music; Taffer also declared 50 Cent “one of us,” a successful and experienced entrepreneur in the beverage and nightlife industries.

Taffer strongly urged bars and nightclubs to carry Street King because of its non-profit component and benefit to the global community. "Street King is Curtis' heart,” Taffer said. “It really is."

50 Cent

50 Cent discusses Street King during the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show on March 14 in Las Vegas.

During a trip to South Africa to attend the 2010 World Cup, 50 Cent was deeply affected upon witnessing the rampant poverty that currently exists on a grand scale across the continent. Upon his return to the United States, 50 Cent and his manager, Chris Lighty, began looking for a way to reach out to disadvantaged children. The men contacted Chris Clarke of Pure Growth Partners, a philanthropic venture-capital organization that launches brands that promote a “give back” attitude and are partnered with celebrities. 50 Cent and Street King hope to provide 1 billion meals to malnourished children in Africa; so far, 3.5 million meals have been served.

At the conference, 50 Cent mentioned that he wants for nothing when he wakes up in the morning; in turn, he feels the need to help fellow men, women and children. Taffer expanded on that thought: "It starts with you waking up in the morning and wanting to help [the person] next to you, your neighbors."

The conference’s focus then shifted to nightlife and the multitude of other projects that have 50 Cent so busy. Getting down to basics, 50 Cent pointed out, "You never see a bar with 200 happy women in it fail. Women control the bar industry."

The music mogul also declared his new album to be two songs from completion. In addition to hitting the studio hard, 50 Cent is engaged in a movie project with stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and is working on his fifth book.

For more information on Street King and the effort to feed children in Africa, visit www.streetking.com and click "Join the Movement."


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