7 Resolutions You Need to Make for 2017

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Why seven? It’s a lucky number. And it’s just enough to actually be achievable during the twelve months of the new year! (Did you know that 47% of resolutions are related to self-improvement?)

Resolution #1 actually relates to the process of creating resolutions. If you’re going to set goals for yourself, be sure they are realistic. After all, we don’t want to be repeating this same list in December of 2017!

To make things super easy for you, we’ve phrased each one as an “I will.” You can simply cut and paste and then add your own spin on each one.

1. I will create a plan. It’s never too late to set annual or monthly goals. Think about the one or two really big things you can do next year to increase your profitability, grow your customer base and satisfaction, and improve your team. Be realistic in your goal setting and find an accountability buddy to keep you on track.

2. I will REALLY get to know my customers and influencers. Great marketing and business development begins with knowing exactly who you’re selling to, who your prospects are, and how your market might be changing. Be sure to keep your loyal customers and fans coming back for more by valuing their business, and be on the lookout for new and growing market segments who you might not be serving. Make sure you have a great database and that you’re using it to target one-to-one messages to build your traffic.

3. I will expand my mind. Learn from winners (and mistake makers) in the industry. The world is changing so rapidly – technology, marketing techniques, and customer tastes. Conducting research, reading relevant articles, and attending conferences like the Nightclub & Bar Show are all ways to innovate and prompt you to think about how trends affect all aspects of your business.

4. I will stay on trend, but keep true to my brand (if it’s working for me). Although experimenting and risk taking is how you can grow your business, test your way into radical new things. For example, if you have a solid base who enjoys your cozy and warm atmosphere, introducing something new, noisy, and jarring (like 15 huge TV screens) without an explanation can drive away your best customers. Spend wisely and be smart.

5. I will learn new and apply new technologies. Whether you introduce software that makes shift planning and time tracking easier or you upgrade your POS system, look to new ways to save time and money and improve customer and team satisfaction. Of course, technology fits into everyone’s marketing strategy these days too. If you’ve been resisting social media, perhaps 2017 is the year to get on board (or on screen).

6. I will stay positive and relaxed. Yes, this one sounds very “zen.” But if you’re stressed, angry, or sleep deprived, you won’t be able to focus on your customers or your business success. Figure out simple ways to make your health, friends, and family priorities next year.

7. I will value my team. We saved the most important one for last. Happy workers, who show up when you’re counting on them, make for happy customers who keep showing up (and telling their friends to show up too!). Have a heart and do away with “clopenings.” Nothing burns outs an employee more than closing at night and opening the next day. Manage employees’ days off wisely and try to give them two days off in a row so they can unwind (like the rest of the world). Reduce friction with your team members who juggle multiple jobs by making your schedule available in advance and making swapping shifts as easy as possible. Reward the people who are doing a great job – do it publicly and often!

After the last Champagne flute has been washed and the last scrap of confetti has been swept away, take a deep breath and welcome in a wonderful new year. May it be the best one ever! Cheers!

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