A Look Inside The Life of a TAO Group Partner

Jonathan Schwartz, a partner of TAO Group/Strategic Hospitality Group, just celebrated his 30th birthday with an expected colossal party at the very nightclub where he is tasked to fill and keep trendy. Marquee NY is at the top of the charts regarding revenue and reputation and Schwartz is largely to thank for this. Schwartz started as, what he called a “P word”, also known as a promoter and is currently successfully striving to be a 360 degree guy, or someone who is fluent in all aspects of the business.    

Jonathan Schwartz is a large part in keeping Marquee relevant and from his “P word” days, Schwartz understands how to fill a room and put people in seats. We checked in with Schwartz on his successes and future endeavors in the nightclub scene.

Schwartz starts his day at 9am and ends his ‘day’ at around 5am. “My daily routine is often filled with meetings, staff meetings, talent buying, promoters, marketing meetings/concepts for venues, and calls, calls, calls with the occasional texts from 9am-9pm. Then its home for a shower, walk the dog, and off to dinner and one of our nightclubs.” While that is a considerable amount of hours, Schwartz has much to show for all his hard work.

“Everyone has their own path; I most certainly started as a promoter. I think for me it has helped me to be a “360 guy” at our company who understands promotions, programming, talent buying, payroll, and operations. You can start anywhere you want to, but at the end of the day to make it in this climate you need a TEAM.” Schwartz emphasizes the importance of hard work in the industry but does not underestimate the power of teamwork. While his tenacity and dedication has gotten him far, Schwartz acknowledges the fact that his position as partner today is largely thanks to the people he has worked closely with over the years.

“Marquee is a brand, NYC, Vegas, Sydney…I don’t like to compare Marquee NY to other cities but yes Marquee does have the Vegas/Miami energy people always felt was missing in New York City the past 10 years,” Schwartz explains. Schwartz then goes on to explain how Marquee offers something for everyone and no matter what city, every time the group opens another venue, it is remarkable to witness the venues flourish and their work family grow.

The last four years, Schwartz has spent his summers in the Hamptons going to clubs and launching SOUTH POINTE in 2011, but this summer he passed on the Hamptons nightlife to focus on TAO Group/Strategic Hospitality Group where he is now a partner. “The Hamptons nightlife scene as a whole seems to be getting younger inside the clubs; if I were to go back I’d love to give people a bit older an amazing hospitality experience which I think the Hamptons is missing,” Schwartz ponders the possibilities for future endeavors in his beloved Hamptons.

While Jonathon Schwartz is working around the clock managing, promoting, talent buying, and every other operation he is capable of, he is still thriving for greatness for TAO Group/Strategic Hospitality Group. Schwartz is a young, booming nightlife professional who set goals for himself starting out as a promoter and landing the position as partner at just 30 years of age. Jonathan Schwartz is a rock solid business man with a sturdy team behind him which has allowed him “to go from one “p,” promoter to another “p”.partner!”


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