Aaron Christiansen at Hush Spirits & Fresh Cocktail Bar

Name of Bartender: Aaron Christiansen
Name of Bar: Hush Spirits & Fresh Cocktail Bar
Location: Orlando, Fla.
Ownership/Parent Company: Blend Concept Group
Square Footage: 900
Capacity/Seats: 40
Open Date: Aug. 26, 2011
Website: http://www.hushspirits.com

Aaron Christiansen has taken mixology to another level and created his own art form. He continually is trying to redefine the industry with his cocktails by enlightening the senses of the masses who dare to try his concoctions. He knows he needs to stay a step ahead of the competition so he changes his cocktail menu at the end of every month. All of his cocktails are made from fresh ingredients utilizing only the finest available to assure taste satisfaction every time. He has competed in many competitions across the state amongst some of the toughest competitors coming from major cities such as Jacksonville, Fla., all the way down to Miami. He has won many awards but some of the more notable ones are as follows:

1st Place - Kiwano Red Bull Margarita – Red Bull Competition (8.7.10)
2nd Place – Jalapina Smash – Smirnoff Competition (5.15.11)
3rd Place – Port Plum Martini “Delta Sapphire” – GQ Magazine Competition (8.1.11)

His cocktails may be award winning but what typically wins the crowd over is his charming personality. Despite his success, he continues to remain humble and personable with anyone he interacts with. He is truly a product of his environment, constantly learning from his peers and takes criticism seriously to assure he remains competitive. If you or anyone is ever in Orlando be sure to stop by Hush and try one of Aaron’s cocktails.

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