AB InBev is Worldas Most Efficient Global Brewer

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, is now also the world’s most efficient in terms of water use among global brewers*. On June 5 - World Environment Day - AB InBev will be celebrating this designation with the Global Walk for Water. During the Global Walk for Water, colleagues from around the world will log steps and charitable donations to drive awareness of water issues in their local communities. This collective effort, having reduced the amount of water needed to produce its products without compromising the quality, and exceeding its targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrates AB InBev’s shared commitment to tackling environmental challenges inside and outside its brewery walls.

As many regions of the world continue to cope with the growing water scarcity crisis, becoming a leader in water stewardship remains an imperative. Additionally, AB InBev has reduced water usage by 3.6% which saves the amount of water it takes to make more than 4 billion cans of AB InBev products, expanded its SmartBarleyTM grower benchmarking program to 2,000 growers around the world, and engaged 61,000 colleagues to volunteer 225,000 hours of giving back to the community.

AB InBev has set ambitious goals for 2017 as well. The brewer plans to reduce water risks and improve water management in 100 percent of their key barley-growing regions in partnership with local stakeholders, engage in watershed protection measures at 100% of their facilities located in key areas, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Peru and the United States, and reduce water usage to a leading-edge 3.2 hectoliters per hectoliter of production.

[*] This water use ratio is the lowest among largest global brewers, based on publicly available data provided by global brewers as of May 30th.