Absolut Pays Tribute to Boston with Black Tea and Elderflower Flavored Vodka

BOSTON, MA – (August 25, 2009) – This month, the world’s most iconic vodka celebrates the pride and spirit of Boston with the debut of its newest city-inspired flavor – ABSOLUT® BOSTON.  Made with black tea and elderflower, the limited-edition vodka offers bartenders and bar patrons a distinct blend of on-trend flavors that will shake up the cocktail scene from coast-to-coast.  With a unique bottle design that serves as an homage to one of the city’s most iconic monuments and local sports fanaticism, ABSOLUT BOSTON is now available at bars, restaurants, nightclubs and retailers nationwide.

In the late 1980s, ABSOLUT® VODKA launched its “Cities” advertising campaign with a wink and a nod to the intrinsic flare and historical heartbeat of what makes each city special.  In 2007, the brand brought the “Cities” campaign to life with the launch of ABSOLUT® NEW ORLEANS, a flavor reminiscent of the Big Easy.  In 2008, ABSOLUT invited everyone to enjoy a taste of the LA lifestyle with the launch of ABSOLUT® LOS ANGELES, and now ABSOLUT BOSTON is honored as the third in the city-inspired portfolio.

“Coming on the heels of two successful limited-edition flavor launches, we’re confident that people will embrace ABSOLUT BOSTON as enthusiastically as they’ve embraced its predecessors,” said Tim Murphy, Vice President of Marketing, ABSOLUT.  “Of course, we anticipate a lot of fanfare in New England, but we firmly believe that Boston is an aspirational and historically significant city – from its legendary sports teams to its place in American lore.  The uniqueness of Boston that we capture through the bottle design, coupled with a first-of-its-kind flavor profile, truly gives the product dimension and makes this not only a back bar staple, but a cool collector’s item.” 

A tribute to the iconic Boston heritage, the unique bottle design of ABSOLUT BOSTON is an eye-catching interpretation of one of the city’s most beloved monuments – Boston’s famous left-field wall.  The sophisticated design features interplay between the original inscription printed on the front and the bold wall graphic wrapped around the back.

Charles River Conservancy
As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to the environment and to further support the quality of life in and around Boston, ABSOLUT is donating $50,000 from the sales of ABSOUT BOSTON to the Charles River Conservancy, a Boston area charity dedicated to the stewardship and renewal of the parklands along the urban riverbanks.  The funds will be used for a variety of projects, including landscaping and clean-ups; embankment restorations; plantings and prunings; parkland programs and education; advocating for better pathways and the return of public swimming.  In addition, Horizon Beverage Co. – who will exclusively distribute ABSOLUT BOSTON in Massachusetts – has graciously announced that it will donate all profits, approximately $30,000, from the sale of ABSOLUT BOSTON to the Charles River Conservancy.

“We are grateful for the gift from ABSOLUT and Horizon Beverage Co. to support our work," said Conservancy founder and president Renata von Tscharner.  "These donations gives us a big boost, as we work to make the parklands more active, attractive and accessible to all.”

Inspired by the design of the bottle, ABSOLUT created a free-standing ABSOLUT Wall of Pride to honor the spirit of Bostonians and their beloved city.  Boston’s most celebrated personalities, including Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk, the Drop Kick Murphys and Amy Poehler memorialized their favorite Boston moment on the Wall of Pride, reflecting upon the very core of Boston’s legendary pride – iconic sports figures, historic monuments, delectable dining and more.

ABSOLUT is hosting a special unveiling of the wall with “Cheers” bartender Eddie Doyle and the Charles River Conservancy today, Wednesday, August 26, at 11 a.m.  To see these authentic quotes and join in the celebration, stop by Boylston Plaza at the Prudential Center, where the Wall will be displayed for ten days, from August 26 through September 4.  To “Get a Piece of the Wall,” visit facebook.com/absolutboston to bid on your favorite tile.  All proceeds from the auction will benefit the Charles River Conservancy.


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