ABSOLUT Vodka Introduces ABSOLUT Orient Apple

NEW YORK, NY – Reinforcing its reputation as the leader in flavor innovation, ABSOLUT Vodka announces the launch of ABSOLUT Orient Apple, a new flavor that offers the fresh fruity taste of apples combined with tangy ginger that creates a festive twist to any cocktail. ABSOLUT Orient Apple will be available at retail beginning in May 2011.

ABSOLUT Orient Apple

Apple is one of the most widely cultivated and consumed fruits in the United States, while ginger, cultivated primarily in South Asia, is known for its juicy but distinct taste and has become one of the most popular spices consumed today. With no sugar or artificial flavors, ABSOLUT Orient Apple mixes well with a wide range of juices and sodas.

VODKA introduced ABSOLUT Peppar (1986) and ABSOLUT Citron (1988) at a time when no other brands thought of flavored vodka. Since then ABSOLUT has been a pioneer within the category, and with ABSOLUT Orient Apple, ABSOLUT carries a line of thirteen distinct flavors in addition to the original ABSOLUT Vodka.

ABSOLUT Orient Apple (40% abv/ 80 proof) will be available in 750ml, 1.0L, and 50ml sizes. The suggested retail price, $20/750ml, falls in line with many of the ABSOLUT flavored offerings.

ABSOLUT Orient Apple drink recipes include:

ABSOLUT Ginger Smash

2 parts ABSOLUT Orient Apple
1⁄2 part simple syrup
1 part soda water
2-3 lemon wedges
4-5 mint sprigs

Muddle simple syrup, lemon wedges and Mint in a rocks glass. Add ABSOLUTOrient Apple and ice. Top with soda water and stir.

ABSOLUT Orient Apple Breeze

2 parts ABSOLUT Orient Apple
2 parts cranberry juice
1⁄2  part fresh pink grape juice
Garnish: A thin slice of pink grape
Highball, build on rocks

ABSOLUT Orient Apple Vermont

2 parts ABSOLUT Orient Apple
1-2 teaspoons (after taste) of good quality maple syrup
2 dashes bitters
Garnish: Orange zest
Martini/Cocktail, stir and up

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