Action Against Hunger and Ultimat Vodka Launch Summer Campaign aUltimat Lemon-Aida To Help End World Hunger

The spirit of summertime pleasures, like the familiar sight of future entrepreneurs serving homemade lemonade at neighborhood stands, is an iconic all-American tradition that simply becomes reinterpreted as life goes on. Ultimat Vodka and Action Against Hunger announce “Ultimat Lemon-AID: Take A Stand Against Hunger” - their first summer-long anti-hunger fundraising campaign with a nationwide call-to-action. Through August 20th - National Lemonade Day - the public is invited to Text LEMONAID (50555) to donate $5 to Action Against Hunger. Several thousand dollars was raised in just the first 24 hours.

A small sum it seems, but Ultimat and Action Against Hunger know what a difference just $5 can make.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  It is a universal expression that has come to symbolize and inspire us all to make the best of unfortunate situations.  However, many communities around the globe face situations, like poverty, that are not fixed with simply a positive outlook.  This is why Ultimat Vodka has joined with long-time nonprofit partner Action Against Hunger to create The Ultimat Lemon-AID Stand,” explains Jennifer Pisciotta, Vice President of Marketing, Patrón Spirits.

Donations from the campaign will be used to support Action Against Hunger, for example their efforts to distribute Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Foods, or RUTFs. These nutrient-packed pastes, roughly the size of protein bars, are powerhouses in fighting childhood malnutrition; plus, they stand up to the elements in severe weather environments, have a long shelf-life, and don’t need to be mixed with water.  Each packet costs roughly 33 cents, making the cost of 3 packets for a full day of treatment just $1. $5 translates to 5 days of treatment, getting a child well on his or her way to full recovery, which takes approximately 45 days and costs $45.

“Severe malnutrition is absolutely predictable, preventable, and affordable to treat,” says Matt Aubry, Director of External Relations, Action Against Hunger. “We’re thrilled to have a savvy partner in Ultimat Vodka, a team that understands both the magnitude of the problem and the simplicity of the solution.  Lemon-AID is a fun, fresh way to get cocktail connoisseurs engaged in the fight against hunger. With their support, we’ll eradicate childhood malnutrition in our lifetime.”



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