Adult Beverage ROI: Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty

CustomersHigher check averages aren’t the only benefit restaurants reap when a well-run adult beverage program is in place. Overall guest satisfaction increases when cocktails, wine or beer are part of the dining-out experience. Loyalty to the restaurant also increases among patrons who order drinks, according to a white paper based on the findings of Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics tool, which includes consumer assessments of 120 leading chain restaurant brands on more than 60 attributes. Consumer experiences across 40 casual-dining and fast-casual restaurants serving adult beverages were measured for the white paper. Some specific learnings:

·         Restaurant operators can put guest satisfaction levels on an upward trajectory by offering an adult beverage to patrons waiting for a table. Those diners who enjoyed a drink while waiting for a table report the highest level of overall satisfaction, with 65% saying their most recent visit was excellent.

·         More than three-fifths (61%) of consumers who ordered an adult beverage at a leading chain restaurant gave their visit an "excellent" rating, compared to 55% of those who did not order an adult beverage saying the same.

·         Diners who ordered mixed drinks on their last restaurant occasion are most likely to say they will return to the eatery (45%) and to recommend it to others (44%). 

The value of adult beverages to consumer perception of the dining experience is evident in these findings, demonstrating that drinks program investment positions a chain to enjoy the bottom-line benefits of repeat visits from raving fans. 


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