Amnesia NYC

Amnesia NYCName of Club: Amnesia NYC
Location: New York City
Ownership/Parent Company: Amnesia JV LLC
Square Footage: 7,000
Capacity/Seats: 700
Open Date: Dec. 10, 2009

We are requesting your consideration of Amnesia NYC as “Nightclub of the Year” for 2012. We designed our space with patrons and staff both in mind. Our theme and concept is to bring the fun back in NYC nightlife. While offering bottle service and VIP sections, we also designed the space to give the person just wanting to come out and have a few drinks a space to party as well. Our furniture is built to stand on without damage allowing us to look fresh even after the busiest night.

Amnesia NYC has one of the lowest employee turnover in the industry, our staffing levels walk the line between exceptional service to client and overstaffing. Approximately 80% of our staff is still with us since opening day. All of our bartenders and cocktail staff are TIPS Certified and we host product training on a frequent basis. We also hold training on counterfeit bill detection and credit card fraud, further helping our business succeed.

We partner with the best in the business when it comes to beverage selection. Amnesia NYC is No.. 1 in sales in many categories of liquor sales. We hold the No. 1 spot in the Ultra Premium Vodka category on a few brands and No. 1 in Champagne sales for Armand de Brignac on-premise as well. Our selection is limited to the right partners so we can concentrate on top sales in right categories. By maintaining a streamlined menu with the right partners we are able to have a low cost with minimal overage of stock further improving our revenue. We also work closely with the right up and coming product vendors to help get the exposure they need and introduce the customer to a new brand.

Amnesia NYC

Our motto is “bringing the fun back to NYC” in comparison to our competitors, our drink/bottle prices are within the mean and not on the high end. We provide a safe and fun environment with NYS certified security and we have not received a single violation since our opening. Our custodial staff has also been with us since inception forming a close family in every aspect of the business. We have also formed a close relationship with local law enforcement to provide a place that has become a part of the community and not a nuisance to it.

The economy has not cooperated as well as everyone would like as we all know, but Amnesia NYC has actually increased revenue and sales approximately 25% since last year. We expect this next year to improve as the economy does. Our management was also nominated for Venue Manager of the Year by BizBash Magazine Readers Choice Awards as well. As this entry is for Nightclub of the year, we have a successful business as an event space as well. Our same staff provides the exceptional service for every client and customer as a nightclub and your special corporate event. We hope you take a serious consideration to our entry. We are the best choice!

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