Anti-alcohol Groups Revealed

It’s said that the best way to defeat your enemies is to first understand them. In the case of the law-abiding, responsible members of the licensed hospitality industry, the first step may well be to identify who is actually working against us. You can’t fight the enemy unless you know who they are. Given the politics of, well, politics, and the back-room deals often cut when funding is sought for different projects, some of the groups working against the licensed hospitality industry might surprise you.

To shine light on exactly which groups are working to restrict access to adult beverages and implement drastic punishments for any alcohol-related infraction, the American Beverage Institute recently revealed Billed as “dedicated to revealing the hidden neoprohibitionist agenda of many non-profit groups and government entities,” the Website profiles anti-alcohol activists and prohibitionist policies, and also debunks some of the data released by these groups.

Some of the organizations highlighted on the site are expected – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Center for Science in the Public Interest – while others may surprise you, such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which is dedicated to improving health and healthcare for Americans and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is a long-overdue and much-needed resource. Having covered alcohol and the anti-alcohol movement for nearly two decades, it’s more than disconcerting to see a neo-prohibitionist agenda seep into our government agencies. What’s more upsetting is the fact that most Americans don’t realize that their own government is seeking to return the country to a state of prohibition, essentially repeating a mistake that actually caused many of the problems we have today. But I digress…

My point here is to check out the site and share the link with colleagues, friends and family members. Doing so will open up further conversation about the enjoyment and abuse of alcohol in this country and, with hope open, their eyes to which organizations are working to remove a product that is enjoyed responsibly by the vast majority of Americans instead of increase education about moderation. You should ask yourself, how do you want your tax dollars to work?


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