Apples to Apples: Success with Cider

Cider “After centuries as a beverage alcohol option in the U.S., cider is finally having its moment,” said Jeff Cioletti of Beverage World at the Nightclub & Bar Show.  Cider is the fastest growing segment in alcohol beverages, and perhaps beverages in general.  With explosive, high-double-digit growth, innovation and acquisitions by the largest brewers in the country, cider is meeting consumers' demands for new flavor experiences.

The growth of cider has really emerged in the past 2 to 3 years, with 5.4 million cases sold in 2011 compared to 14 million cases in 2013.  It is believed that cider will reach the market share craft beer is currently enjoying in several years, as cider generated $178 million in 2007 and exploded to $601 million in just 5 years. 

While most cider in North America is consumed off-premise (65%), cider producers are seeking to gain a stronger foothold in the on-premise segment of the market.  This can be achieved by offering more draughts and capturing the lounge and club markets. 

Strongbow, for instance, has been attempting to cultivate a chic image by suggesting that their cider be served over ice.  One obvious way for bar owners to succeed with cider is to offer the most popular beverage to customers: Angry Orchard.  Additionally, realize that the demographic breakdown is essentially 50/50, women/men.  This means that you can offer neutral, male specific and/or female specific ciders to appeal to your customers.


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