Around the Scene: April 12, 2012

The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show recently wrapped its 27th annual gathering on March 12-14, but is already 2012 NCB Showgetting ready to make the 2013 show bigger and better. This year’s show saw a record number of 662 exhibiting companies and brands, up 8% from 2011. Following the immense success of the show, more than 125 of this year’s exhibitors have already confirmed to re-book their booth space — a total of more than 25,000 square feet — for the 2013 convention. These companies include American Beverage Marketers, Arclite Inc., BarLuxe, Click Clack US LLC, Beverage Metrics, Excel Dryer, Incredible Technologies Incorporated, Lava Heat Italia, Le Grande Saint, MillerCoors, Modern Line Furniture, Muerto Spirits Inc., Rush Flyers, Sunkist Foodservice Equipment, Western Exterminator Company, Zing Zang Inc. and many more.

“This was one of our most successful shows ever, and with almost 20% of this year’s exhibitors already committed to their booth space, this is great a start for next year,” says Jon Taffer, president of the Nightclub & Bar Media Group. “When compared with last year’s number of 75 companies at the same time period, this early retention rate is quite impressive.”

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One of Las Vegas’ most enchanting summer destinations, Venus Pool Club within Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace returns for its fifth season on April 20. Angel Management Group and Caesars Palace are keeping it classy and elegant by bringing back one of the city’s most sophisticated poolside environments.
The 10,000-square-foot venue of luxury serves up an ultra-high-end food and beverage selection designed to replenish one’s taste buds on a hot summer day. Expert bartenders create the perfect summertime specialty cocktails, such as the Artic Grape Mojito and the Blackberry Thyme Rita, all made with freshest ingredients. Guests also can nibble on light treats from a deliciously colorful fruit salad to a freshly made seafood platter.

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From the Las Vegas Sun:

In a town built on gambling, megaclubs have created a business model that has sustained investors even during a recession.

The trend started quietly, then began exploding with the likes of Rain at the Palms, Pure at Caesars Palace and Tao at Venetian. Together, they sated young revelers on the hunt for a new sort of Vegas debauchery. Where their parents and grandparents enjoyed a different sort of nightclub — where booze, food and entertainment came cheap because the real casino payoff would come later at the gaming tables — this new generation of Vegas visitors came with pockets full of cash and plastic, ready to spends hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on liquor and the chance to listen to famous DJs play their house mixes.

Casino bosses, skeptical at first, couldn’t help but notice the trend, and in time they were tearing out slot machines and felt tables in favor of nightclubs. (Among them: MGM Grand removed Family Feud slot machines to make room for Tabu Ultra Lounge.) The numbers showed they were making more money per square foot than gambling devices, upending previous formulas for maximizing casino revenue. Even casino visionary Steve Wynn, who launched the redefining of Las Vegas in 1989 when he opened Mirage (where dancing meant dolphins and entertainment meant big stage productions such as Siegfried & Roy), now trumpets nightclubs as the prevailing source of entertainment in a city filled with all sorts of it.

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From Guest of a Guest:

Atlantic City isn't dead, after all! Or at least it won't be on Memorial Day Weekend, when the new mega resort/casino Revel Hotel is set to open. In addition to a number of restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities (Beyoncé will be headlining three concerts there on opening weekend), Revel Hotel announced the resort's finishing touch — a massive nightclub and day club from Las Vegas-based Angel Management Group.

Atlantic City's been pretty lame, I mean, tame in recent years (and it's certainly no Vegas), so it'll be interesting to see if the Jersey Shore can handle whatever Angel Management has in store.

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