Around the Scene: August 19, 2010

Be careful what you’re posting on your social networking sites, as Muzique Montreal learned the hard way. The nightclub is facing a PR nightmare after posting an open invitation on Facebook to the club owner’s birthday celebration that included a post stating, “NO FAT GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!;).” Owner Michael Bourgeois says the post was an inside joke from someone outside the club, but it’s one that women in the area are not finding too funny.

Bowlmor-Carnival ManhattanIn related social media news, five former employees of Bowlmor Lanes and Carnival Nightclub in Manhattan are suing owner Tom Shannon for allegedly using social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to weed out minorities and others he felt weren’t desirable for his club. According to the lawsuit, Shannon told employees to get patrons’ information and find them on social networking sites to see how they looked, dressed and where they lived in order to deny people of certain races. Read a full report from ABC News here.

Rick's CabaretRick’s Cabaret International, Inc. saw a year-over-year increase in sales in July. The chain of upscale gentlemen’s clubs had revenues of $6.73 million at its nightclubs in July, a 3.78 percent increase over July 2009. The Las Vegas market still is struggling, but President and CEO Eric Langan said he’s “encouraged by reports of an uptick in reservations for major conventions scheduled for late August and September.”

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